how to recover lost video music photos from sd card

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  • How to Recover lost data like

    video, music, photos from SD card?

    Information from: songs, video clips and photos saved in the SD card, which used in digital camera/ mobile phone/ MP3, MP4 player etc.. were lost by accident, can be recover by yourself!

  • Thus, how to recover the lost music, video and photos? The digital media data like music, video and photos saved in the SD card was deleted/lost can be recovered. Because the physical files data was not delete, you just lost the file saving path. Before some new data put in to replace the data, they still be their and can be retrieved.

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  • You neednt pay much money for the maintenance agency to retrieve the data, in fact it is a piece of cake fo yourself. Only if you have a useful third party data recovery, everything will goes well. You can try:

    The data recovery is used to recover the lost music, video and photos from the SD card without efforts. Notice: Never install the data recovery on the media from which you want to recover data, also never save any data on the same media from which you are recovering data.Information from:

  • Just 3 simple steps you can get back the lost file from SD card. Step1: Run the data recovery in your PC and choose the SD card as the drive you need to recover.Information from:

  • Step2: Choose the file type to recover, after the program scaning the disk and show you the lost files, you need to choose the files to recover.Information from: 2. Choose the file type

  • Step3: Save the recovered video, music, photos. You can save them to the hard drive, any storage media, or directly burn to CD/ DVD.

    Information from: to CD/DVD

  • Follow the above steps, you can act as a professional computer expert to recover the loss music, video and photos from the SD card, and save them to any healthy media.

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