how to recover lost files from sd card?

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SD card is small but one of the most useful storage device available in the market. As it can be used in various media gadgets such as mobile phones, iPod and various other pocket gadgets. What next!! when you are facing data loss from SD card, don't lose your hope by thinking that you cannot recover files from SD card. In this era of technological advancement, it is possible to rescue data from SD card. Watch this tutorial to know more about an efficient tool to get back data from SD card.


  • 1. How to Recover Lost Files from SD

2. Dos Find out data recovery tool best suited to recover your data lost from SD card.Donts Do not store any file after data loss, as it overwrites the memory space and then data recovery is quite difficult. Do not format the SD again and again. 3. Common Ways of Data Loss from SD Card Accidental Deletion of Vital FilesFormatting of SD CardFormat ErrorVirus InfectionImproper Ejection 4. Tool to Recover Lost Data Make use of Lost Data Recovery application in order to rescue lost data from SD card. By the help of this application all kinds of data can be recovered including images, music files, videos, documents. This utility is useful for data recovery from different brands of SD card such as Sony, Transcendent, Kingston. 5. Snapshots of Data Recovery Process Figure IIFigure IFigure III 6. Bibliography You can find the software from below URL us On 7. Thank You