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How to Recover from a DisasterDisaster RecoveryDo you know what to do?How to Do it?Where to Start? I can tell you in 4 Steps

Hello my name is Gloria Curtis I'm Presently in my second year With AIU Pursuing my bachelors in information technology I have worked on computers for my family and friends installing software and antivirus as well as updating their systems I have rebuilt my own computer and restored a few for my friends. I am a volunteer with the community emergency response team as well as a leader in disaster recovery planning. Software development and Internet security. Learning include infrastructure, network, software and hardware. GPA 3.62, The Deans list, Community involvement with CERT. Curtis (2016)1

South Carolina (2016)

Data is the backbone of every company.4 Steps to RecoveryTalk to ManagementResearch disaster plansRemind yourself Data = BackboneRemember other disasters

Why is this important to you? What if this happen to your business can you recover? Yes, How? With a disaster recovery plan. What is a disaster recovery plan? It's like life insurance for your business and your data.Here are 4 Steps you need to take.Talk, Research, Remind, Remember. 2

$6.7 Million Lost in Data Breach.

Did you know $6.7 million was lost because a company did not have Data Insurance.These came from breaches of a companys data and they were not insured for it, so in the end this company went bankrupt can your company afford that kind of a loss the answer is No.What if it was not a Data breach, but a flood like the one in South Carolina & Tx. just a few weeks back? Or 911? Again Data Insurance, this insurance should be a part of the disaster recovery plan. TechInsurance (2009)You can protect your own Data too by getting an external hard drive and back up your Data.A company needs cyber insurance along with their Disaster recovery Plan.Because limit to downtime is a must for every business.They will have to have their computers, servers, software, Hardware and Network Back up and running ASAP. Thats is why you need to be prepared too just get the 4 steps in place.3

April & December 2015 storms cost insurers more than $4,. (2016)

April -18, 2015 photo on the right. Atlanta Ga.Rowlett, Texas, Sunday, Dec. 27, 2015 on the left.How can you prepare for this? Make out a list of things to do, remember your safety comes 1st. Practice, Practice and Practice your plan make it 2nd nature teach your children what to do and how to do it. What if its not a tornado or flood at work? It could be a fire at home you still need a disaster plan put into place.4

Adairsville Ga, 1/31/2013Our Neighborhood

Local Business Plant

10 AM our little town was hit by a massive Tornado 1st you make sure your family is fine, then you start to check on your neighbors and you look around and see this. You are scared to death and dont know what to do. Then you find out everyone made it but 1 person. Now what do you do? Our water tower took a big hit so no water to drink. Electric power lines are down poles snap like toothpick. You see destruction every where you turn. What to do crying is not the answer you need a plan. What can you do? I walked the Neighborhood with our watch group after I got information from The Red Cross and CERT Members.5

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Disaster recovery is not just for business its for your personal use too.

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4 steps to Prepare for a disaster.1 Talk. 2 Research. 3 Remind. 4 (2016)

Talk to your Managers, ask are we prepared? Remind yourself Data is the backbone of the company. Remember 911, The resent floods, Snowstorms & Tornados.Get all your answers from www.ready.govLearn what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.Most important Practice it learn it like you would a fire drill.Teach it to your co-workers. Tell your children how to get ready if they cant reach you.


Disaster Recovery

You may need to survive on your own after an emergency. This means having your own food, water and other supplies in sufficient quantity to last for at least 72 hours. Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster but they cannot reach everyone immediately. You could get help in hours or it might take days. Get you basic kit ready and make sure its easy to get to.Keep it handy if you cant leave the building. Your safety is # 1 You can recovery from a disaster using this 4 step Plan.

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Finally what can you do to improve your plans for recovery.Talk, Research, Remind, Remember.And Practice what you have learned.A good plan is the one you have already in place.Don't wait till it's too late.Make a list and start it Today.9