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If your word file corrupted due to any cause like virus-attack, human error, etc. You can recover with given manual process. so, please visit our official web-sites :


<ul><li> 1. Word File Corruption After the corruption of Microsoft Word document there are several reasons that damages your Word document and leaves it inaccessible. </li></ul> <p> 2. Reason of File Corruption * Files and folders are relocated or missing * Open file error (such as invalid file format) * Files are renamed with ASCII characters * File permissions and attributes are modified * Computer frequently freeze and hang without showing any reasons These are Few Common Symptoms of File Corruption: 3. Some Common Error MS Word document displays an error and does not permit to open the file. 4. Some Common Error You can open your Word document, but displays errors or malfunctions. 5. Methods to Repair MS Word File 1. Open and Repair 2. Save file in another format 3. Open the file using OpenOffice 4. Third Party Tool 6. ` Open and Repair Microsoft Word provides an integrated Open And Repair tool, which can use to force Word to attempt a recovery. Try to Open And Repair integrated tool, use following steps: Open Word application &gt; Select File &gt; Open &gt; Choose the corrupted file (but dont open it yet). Thereafter, Click on Open drop-down arrow button Change the option to Open and Repair, then click on it. 7. Save File in Another Format Enter the file name and click on the Save to save the document. After completing the previous steps, try to opening the document in Word format Go to File Menu &gt; Save As In the Save as type drop-down menu choose another file format like RTF, XML, Web Pages, etc. 8. Open File In OpenOffice You can install openoffice application on your PC Open Writer Files &gt; Open corrupt files Start Recovery Process 9. Third Party Tool It is the only software of its kind that recovers all the elements in the file and the important details. Get the best solution in quality, reliability and speed in the last few years. 10. Kernel Recovery for Word 11. Why to rely on Kernel Recovery for Word? * Kernel Recovery for Word tool to recover all data from corrupted document. It recovers instantly texts, images, fonts, tables, styles, page and paragraph formats, tables of contents, links and graphs. * The recovery is practically instantaneous using Kernel Recovery for Word. * Kernel Recovery for Word is the easiest software to use for recovering Word documents, so does not require technical skills. Our software will guide you through the recovery process until you have your restored document open in front of you. * Non-Western characters - Kernel Recovery for Word performs a correct recovery of non-Western characters. It recovers the Unicode in every case and in every part of the file. 12. ` Why Kernel Recovery for Word is a Best Solution? * Confidentiality - The entire recovery process is performed safely in your PCs. * Free trial Version - Before you purchase the program you can evaluate without any cost. * 30 Days Money-back guarantee * Qualified Support - At any point of time (before or after) purchase of product, better qualified staff is available to provide customer support. * Virus-free and spy-ware free. 13. ` How to Recover Your Damage Files? We have put a lot of effort into creating an automated system that allows you to recover your data in only few clicks. 1. Install: Download and install the free demo of the program you need. 2. Recover: Select and recover your file. 3. Check: Check the recovery results in the program viewer. 4. Purchase: Click on the button to get the activation code. It will take you to the purchase page of our website. You will immediately receive an activation code by email. 5. Save: Insert your activation code in the program and finish the recovery. Save the recovered file at the desired and safe location in your computer. 14. ` Process to Recover Lost Word Document 1. Install &amp; Run Kernel Recovery for Word Software on PC 15. ` Process to Recover Lost Word Document 1. Select the Repair... item in the Add File(s) menu. 16. ` Process to Recover Lost Word Document 1. Select the document corrupted and press "Repair" button. 2. Wait until the file processing is completed. 17. ` Process to Recover Lost Word Document 1. Save the recovered file, by assigning it a new name. By default, Recovery for Word adds Recovered to the file name, i.e. Corrupted document.DOC will be saved as Recovered Corrupted document.RTF. 18. ` How to uninstall this software? There are two options to un-install the Kernel for Word software : 1. From Windows Start menu o Start &gt; All Programs &gt; Kernel for Word &gt; Uninstall Kernel for Word o Warnning message &gt; Click "Yes" button and then Click on "OK" button. Finally the software successfully gets uninstalled from PC. 19. ` How to Uninstall the Software? 1. From Control Panel o Start &gt; Control Panel &gt; Appears Control Panel window o Double-click the Add or Remove Programs &gt; Show list of the programs installed on your PC o Select Kernel for Word &gt; click Remove button o Click Yes button after warning message appear&gt; Click Ok button and the software will successfully get uninstalled from PC. 20. ` How to Download Word Recovery Tool Download Free trial Version 21. ` Awards 22. ` Contact 23. ` Tips to Protect your MS Word documents How can you protect * Use and maintain anti-virus software * Use caution with email attachments * Be wary of downloadable files on websites * Keep software up to date * Check email and your web browser security at fix periodical intervals 24. ` Thanks </p>