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With the help of hdd recovery you can easily recover all the hard disk data.


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  • Hard drive Error
  • Common Symptom of Hard drive failure
  • Cause of Error in Hard drive
  • Solution
  • Feature of HDD Recovery software
  • System requirement

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  • Hard drive Error
  • Hard drive is one of the key component of your PC. Its
  • main function is to store all the saved record for forever
  • until users delete it manually from the system. Unlike it
  • predecessor modern hard drive provides a lot of space for data
  • storage. Due to its continuous exposure sometime it gets corrupted
  • and prevents you from accessing any further information. The
  • reason of corruption may be different i.e. it may either be physical
  • error, logical error, electrical or mechanical errors. However the
  • fact is that you loose all important information from hard drive.

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  • Common Symptom of Hard drive failure
  • Occurrence ofblue screen with some error messages on the screen
  • Degraded performance of your PC
  • Gets problem during booting
  • Computer doesnt respond with mouse movement
  • Occurrence of some odd noise during working on your PC

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  • Cause of Error in Hard drive
  • There are several reasons which results in data loss
  • from hard drive. Some of them are: -
    • Due to corruption in file system structure
    • Due to Electric failure
    • Due to sudden calamitous failure
    • Due to controller failure
    • Due to severe attack of viruses
    • Due to improper shutdown of System

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  • Solution
  • If you had created backup of your hard drive then its fine
  • otherwise you have to face data los type situation. In this
  • critical situation there is one and only one solution remains
  • for you i.e. third partyHDD recovery software . This
  • software uses its powerful programming technique to
  • performHDD recoveryvery effectively. So whenever you
  • feel helpless due to corruption in your hard drive then you
  • can try this software.

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  • Feature of HDD Recovery software
  • Third party HDD recovery software is the ultimate solution to recover all
  • the important files from your corrupted hard disk. Key features of this
  • software are: -
    • Recover all lost or formatted logical drive
    • Supports recovery from HFS, HFS+, WFS wrapper and FAT file system
    • Recover file with different criteria like name, date, time and sector number
    • Perform hard disk imaging
    • Save all the scan information
    • Long name file can also be recovered
    • Supports Unicode format
    • Retrieve almost all type of file like PS, VMX, ENC, MUS, PTF etc.

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  • System requirement
  • Processor : Intel Power PC
  • Operating System : OS X 10.6 snow leopard, 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger and 10.3.9 Panther
  • Memory requirement : At least 256MB
  • Hard Disk Requirement : At least 40MB


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