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How to read a Comic Book…. Comic terms…. Panels : Images are usually laid out within borders, known as panels. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • How to read aComic Book

  • Comic terms.Panels: Images are usually laid out within borders, known as panels.

    The layout of the panels can be in a grid, MAUS being notable for utilizing an eight panel grid, of four rows and two columns. Occasionally an artist will use larger panels that break the format of the grid to emphasize specific acts or points in the narrative

  • Example of a panel

  • Panel framesPanel frames: The border or edges of a panel, when drawn, are termed frames. These are normally of rectangular shape, but this shape can be altered to convey information to the reader.Cloud shaped panels can indicate a flashback or dream sequence, while one with jagged edge can be used to convey anger or shock

  • A panel with out a frame is used to convey space. The frame itself can be formed by the image, for example, a scene can be framed by a door frame or by binoculars.

  • A BleedA full bleed is usually used on a comic book cover, and is when the art is allowed to run to the edge of each page, rather than having a white border around it. Bleeds are sometimes used on internal panels to create the illusion of space or emphasize action

  • Splash page..A splash page, sometimes referred to simply as a splash, is full page drawing in a comic book. A splash page is often used as the first page of a story, and includes the title and the credits.

  • Interior splashSplashes that are not the first page of a story are sometimes called interior splash pages. Interior splashes may or may not include titles and/or credits. A panel that is larger than others on the page is called a splash panel.A splash that appears across two pages of a comic book is called a two-page splash

  • Interior splashSplash

  • Two page splash from a Japanese anime

  • Speech/Thought balloonThe speech balloon, also known as a speech bubble , is a graphic used to assign ownership of dialogue to a particular character.

  • Speech/Thought balloons contBubbles, which represent an internal dialogue, are referred to as thought balloons.

  • Speech/Thought balloons contThe shape of the balloon will indicate the type of dialogue contained.Whispers are usually represented by balloons drawn broken line.

  • Balloons cont

  • Motion lines/Speed linesMotion lines, also known as speed lines are lines that are used to represent motion.

  • GutterThe gutter is the space between borders. Action in comics happens in the gutters between panels. The reader, therefore, creates the action in this white space. Think of a gutter as the readers part of the page to fill with his own imagination.

  • Gutters

  • EmanataEmanata: A visual metaphor used as a shortcut in comics; examples being the light bulb above a characters head to indicate an idea.

  • Emanata contThe indication of sleep by a saw cutting a log or a line of zzzzz, and the use of dotted lines to indicate a line of sight, with daggers being used instead of dotted lines to indicate an evil look.

  • Maus I