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How to read a book - what are in the chapter 1.


  • 1. How to read a bookChapter 01:

2. This book is for thoseWhose main purpose in reading booksis to gain increased understanding. (not only information or facts) 3. All reading is active.Reading is an activityTherefore, all reading is active.Reading can be more active or less active.Reading can not be completely passive.Metaphor of a baseball game.Pitcher ball catcherWriter -book -reader 4. The art of catching/readingThe art of catching a ball isto catch every kind of pitch.The art of reading a book isto catch every sort of communication as well as possible. 5. A book is a complex object.I t can be received more completely or less completely.The mount the reader catchesdepend on the amount of activity he puts into the process. 6. Success occurs whenThe pitcher and catcher cooperate.Successful communication occurs when the writers skill and the readers skill converge upon a common goal.Writers vary: some are good, other are not.Readers also need some skills 7. A person reads betterWhen he reads it moreactively.When he performs the involved acts more skillfully. 8. Reading is a complex activity.It consists of many separate acts.All the acts must be performed in a good reading. 9. Two possible relationsBetween your mind and the book.You understand the book perfectly.(doesnt lead to increased undersatnding)You dont understand the book perfectly.You get help from other people or books.(doesnt lead to increased understanding)You do nothing.(doesnt lead to increased understanding)You do the required job of reading(leads to increased understanding) 10. Two meanings of readingReading for informationWhen we first read, we understand easily.We get information or facts from reading.This increases our store of information.Our level of understanding is the same as before.Reading for understandingWhen we first read, we dont understand the book completely.This throws a new light on all the facts we already know.Our level of understanding goes up. 11. Reading for understanding is possible whenThe book has something that can increase the readers understanding.The readers are able to understand. 12. To read for understandingWe need to knowWho they are(those who have something that can increase our understanding)How to learn from them(how to receive what they conveyed) (= how to read) 13. Three goals of readingFor informationMuch easier than for understandingFor understandingMain focus of this book!For entertainmentDifferent kind 14. Now, lets think about learning 15. Two kinds of learningTo be informedTo know that something is the case. .To be enlightened