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Healthy Diet Page 1 Your Kids Diet Plan Made Easy How To Raise Up Healthy Kids Healthy Diet Page 2 Feeding your child with the appropriate food in the right amount may be an everyday difficulty that you have to face. They are commonly picky, and would not eat anything that does not look visually enticing to them. However, as a parent, it is your goal to give them adequate nourishment in order for them to grow up healthy and strong. If you are keen on providing your child with the right nourishment, you must first know about the food pyramid for kids. This food pyramid will serve as a manual for your everyday challenge of feeding your child effectively. The old pyramid may be quite similar, nevertheless, adapting to the changes is still quite important. A lot of parents are wondering as to how they can supply for their childs nutritional needs everyday. Just like in any process, planning is very important. You have to plan your daily menu based on the food pyramid for kids. This is a great way to ensure that your child is getting the nourishment he needs to be healthy and strong. Planning Your Menu It often takes some deep consideration, knowledge, and creativity to cook up your childs menu. Aside from choosing the foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, you should also assess whether your child would dare to put such foods into his mouth. Providing a menu that has a child-friendly presentation would be a lot of help in inviting your child to consume the meals you prepare for him. Ensure that your child is not left out of the planning phase. The good part about this is that he is not only given some control of his diet, but he gets to learn about his own nutritional needs as well. Through this, you can be sure that he will be eating what you serve primarily because he was the one who chose the menu. A visual diagram of the food pyramid will help him acquire better knowledge Healthy Diet Page 3 and understanding of the basic things he needs to know about his diet. Old Food Pyramid Versus New Food Pyramid Your basis for drafting the components of your childs meal should be the food pyramid for kids. Your knowledge about the old food pyramid may help a little, but mainly it is important to adhere to the changes in the new food pyramid. Whats on the Menu The quality of the food you cook is very important. Your cooking could either boost or bust your childs appetite. Ensure that you do not overcook the food because this will remove a large amount of the nutrients. Carbohydrates play the biggest role in your childs diet. Kids tend to move a lot so giving him energy-packed foods like bread, rice, oatmeals, and cereals is highly recommended. Avoid giving him products that are made of flour or are too starchy. In lieu of margarine or butter, use olive oil or sunflower oil instead.