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How to raise Pigs?. Kingwood FFA. What do I need?. 1 – Supply Box 1 – Feed Scoop 2 – Show Sticks 1 – Feed Bucket 1 – Brush 1 – Rubber Feed Bowl or 1 – Clip on Feeder (optional) 1 – Watering Nipple ALL of these items can be found at local feed stores or Tractor Supply. . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • How to raise Pigs?Kingwood FFA

  • What do I need?1 Supply Box1 Feed Scoop 2 Show Sticks1 Feed Bucket1 Brush1 Rubber Feed Bowl or 1 Clip on Feeder (optional)1 Watering NippleALL of these items can be found at local feed stores or Tractor Supply.

  • Lockable Supply BoxAny box to lock your feed and show supplies up at the barn.

    Can be purchased from Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc.

  • Feed ScoopCost $4Any feed store

    1 lb coffee can works too!

  • Practice Show StickVery Durable

    3 Length of PVC Pipe works great!

    Made of Fiberglass

    Cost $7Most feed stores

  • Show Stick

    actual show stick

    Not durable

    Cost $14Any Feed Store

  • Feed BucketYou need this for mixing feeds

    Cost $5Any feed store

  • Clip on FeederThis is another bowl you can use to feed your pig.

    Harder for the pig to flip over

    Cost $12Any feed store will carry this

  • BrushYou will need to use this to clean your pig and show with

    Cost $10Any feed store, Sullivans Show Supply, Wal Mart, etc.

  • Watering DeviceThere should be one of these in the pen.


  • What do I feed?Moormans Show Pig Feed Grower of at least 18%Acco Showmaster pig Feed Grower of at least 18%How will we feed the pig?Feed pigs at least 1 - 2 pounds per feeding once the pig arrives at the barns in October. Increase the feed as the pig gains weight. Maximum that should be fed is 5 lbs/ day.

  • FeedingFinisher feed 210 to 260 lbsTo determine this we have to evaluate the pig We evaluate the pigs at 45 days prior to show and 21 days prior to show December 25 (so we will probably evaluate before we leave for Christmas break) & January 17This is when we determine supplemental feeding

  • Care for you PigPay attention to your pig. For the 1st week, just allow it to get used to their new home. If you notice any of the following for more than 1 day LET THE TEACHER KNOW: runny nose, coughing, wheezing when they breath and diarhea. Worm your pig every 21 days. You can add these to the feed or administer in their mouth if it is a liquid. Use any of the following wormers: Atgard or Safe-Guard. Use as directions indicate.

  • What are we looking for in a pig?

    What am I looking for on selection day?

    What is the judge looking for on show day?

  • MeatYour animal is a Market Animal, which translates to we want as much meat on that animal as possible!!

    The best hogs are the ones with the most lean muscle!

  • We want a solid frameBody Length short to med.

  • Heavy or thick Bones

  • Wide Body Over base and top.

  • Wide & Deep Rear End

  • Muscular Back

  • Where are the feed stores?My Feed Store and More Dealer: Lindners, MoorMans, Sunglo, Honor17184 FM 3083Conroe, TX 77302(936) 231-1184 Knox Drive Farm & Feed- Dealer: Lindners, Honor21773 E Knox DrPorter, TX 77365 (281) 354-5022

    Dayton Farm and Ranch- Dealer: MoorMans605 E. Hwy 90 Dayton, TX 77535(936) 258-9891

    You can shop online as well, but try to support local feed dealers...

  • CALL AHEADFeed stores run out of feed, so to save you a trip call

    Always call ahead to make sure you are going to get feed

    Tell them in advance what you are going to be feeding and ask them to keep it in stock!