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Money making? How and where?


How to Raise Money

Marc Andreessen, Founder of Andreessen Horowitz, Ron Conway, Founder of SV Angel, and Parker Conrad, Founder of Zenefits, take Q&A on the topic of How to Raise Money.

They start talking about how venture capitals choose their partners, what steps you need to create a good pitch and how important is the team in this situation.You need to aquire many steps before start searching financing and some of them are here:- You must be a leader and if you`re not, you must find one (leaders aren`t created they are born-You must be rightfull, focused.obssesed and have very good communication skills-Venture capital only invest in strength and they don`t want to see lack of wekness.-Your ideea must be needed and must solve some real problems.-Allways study your competition, because venture capitals want to know who you are messing with.Try to have a simple structure, but if you`re questioned you must have all the answers.Is very important to find good colaborators and your partner must be good as you are or much better than you, for many startupers is very hard to find one and if you don`t find some chemestry between you two, you`ll need to search another,otherwise if you are Zuckberg you cand start it on your own.Other thing you must know is if your product is not Twitter, venture companies won`t throw money on you but with a very decided speech,a good team chamestry and a good product you can make them to finance you. Trust is one of the most important things in start-up companies, so you must have trust in you, in your coworkers and in your financers, because you need to create a good road for all of you(many companies drop because of that).Allways keep a good balance between stash and risks. You must have a good management risk and all the money you have must cover that risks, otherwise you`ll fail at the beginning.I`ll give you a nice quote that i`ve learned from them and that is Be so good that they will want to throw money on you.Allways put the things that you discused on a paper(send an e-mail to confirm them all), venture companies employees won`t remember every thing that you discussed.Don`t give shares of your company like is Christmas, you need to give about 10-15% of your shares for a good control of your firm so you can remain with 20-25%.For exemple if you give 20-30% of your shares at the end you`ll only remain with 5-8% of your company.Allways be serious and work much than the others,if something is going wrong you`ll bet the first one who suffer.Things going well founder has control, but if everything is going wrong you need to be sure that the venture capital will take the lead.