How to Quickly Grow Your Email Marketing List with Social Media

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  • How to Quickly Grow Your Email Marketing List with SocialMedia /email-marketing-and-social-media/

    Simultaneously grow your social presence and your email listEmail is the leading channel for online marketing in 2016.

    According to Hubspot, 75.8% of marketers are using more email than they were even three years ago.

    The big question, however, is how to get started. What is the most effective way to grow an email list from scratch?Lets take a look at how you can utilize your social media platforms to grow your email marketing list.

    Optimize your profile

    The first thing you need to do is go to the front page of your social media profile. Scan your page and ask yourself, ifsomeone wanted to sign up to your page are they able to do so or do they have to go to your website to look for asubscription link?

    If thats the case, you are missing the opportunity to grow your email list.

    Sign up links and buttons

    The simplest way you can start to automate the process of creating an email list is to put your signup links in ahighly visible place.

    1/8 Grow Your Email Marketing List with Social Media&body=The top strategies and hacks to help you utilize social media platforms to grow your email marketing list. Read here%3A Grow Your Email Marketing List with Social Media&body=The top strategies and hacks to help you utilize social media platforms to grow your email marketing list. Read here%3A

  • All social media platforms offer this function. Facebook allows you to add a customized button to the top of yourpage, which can function as a direct sign up to newsletter button.

    Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, and LinkedIn all allow you to insert clickable links in your bio.

    Google+ offers a similar feature, and it also offers something more: Google My Business. Maximize your potential bycreating a Google+ business listing. Your business will be visible in searches, making it a great tool to encouragevisitors to sign up! If you arent already on Google+, why not consider using it?


    Most socialmediaplatforms allowa pinned post,a static postthat greetsvisitors to yourpage.

    You can usethis space topermanentlypost a call toaction thatdirects newvisitors to signup to youremails or takeup your latestoffers.

    The trick to this is making it relevant and valuable.

    Develop lead magnets

    Look at your business from the point of view of your customers.

    If you offer your most valuable content straight on your social media platforms, theres no incentive to sign up formore!

    Instead, think of social media as an advertising platform where you preview your most valuable content. Thischange in direction transforms your social networking platforms into real marketing tools.

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  • What can you promote as premium content?

    Lets take a look at promotable content that you can create and use to drive up your email subscription numbers.

    Create a webinar

    A webinar is a simply a seminar conducted over the internet and is typically an informative session where people canlearn something of real benefit.

    Just as a sign up can be gained when someone opts in for a webinar, a webinar can be used to entice viewers intopurchasing further services, such as a paid course series.

    Use this time to give your viewers real value, and theyll be more likely to pay for your content in the future.


    You could host a webinar yourself, or you could collaborate with a business or individual in a complementaryindustry. In this case, you get added exposure as your webinar partner will likely be helping to promote.

    At the end of the webinar, you can share the links or offerings of both your businesses, enabling happy customers toengage further, share your work, or pay for future goods and events.

    Offer a download

    A sign up can be used to promote a free downloadable resource, such as a PDF. Ask yourself, what is the onething you know that could significantly improve the experience, productivity or life of your customers?

    What is the biggest problem they are having right now? What is a key issue facing their industry? What is the biggestissue you overcame in business and how did you overcome it?

    This is the place to start when planning your resource downloads. Focus on what you know of value, and then focuson making a plan to deliver that information.

    Lets say you teach people how to write speeches and you want to make an introductory downloadable asset toshowcase your skill set to potential customers.

    The first step in planning your downloadable asset is to figure out the key steps you need to cover to effectivelydeliver the idea to your audience.

    When youve established the key points you need to cover, you then need to expand on each step.

    Your goal is to produce a resource that is not only clear enough for someone to understand, but also, it should beeasy for them to implement straight away. If your resource is immediately of use, then your customers will comeback for more as they will perceive you as delivering value!

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    3 Features of a Valuable Downloadable Asset


  • Exclusive

    A downloadable asset should contain exclusive information only you can provide. This means people will be morewilling to sign up to receive it, because why would they be motivated to sign up for information that is availablealmost anywhere?


    It should contain information, not just opinion. Visuals are key, as is the visualization of any statistics. Make it easyon the eye and focus on one single takeaway. If you succeed in creating value, its more likely your customers willcome back for more.


    A great resource will outline the key steps your reader needs to take and will do so in clear language. Its one thing totell someone what to do, its another to offer a step by step resource that explains how someone can integrate aconcept into their life right now. The difference is value.

    Create an

    introductory course

    Entice your customers to sign up to your email list by offering a short introductory c