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Combine team building activities with your next corporate party. Discover helpful tips on organizing a corporate event at the perfect venue. Visit for more information!


  • How To Integrate Team Building With A Corporate Event
  • What is Team Building?A TEAM:A group of people working together towards a common goalIt refers to a wide range of activities that work together to build team cohesion and efficiencyTeam Building focuses on bringing the best in a team to ensure self-development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to work closely together as a team to problem solve
  • The Purpose of Team Building The purpose of TEAM BUILDING exercises is to assist teams in becoming cohesive units of individuals that can effectively work together to complete tasks Team building exercises consist of a variety of tasks designed to develop group members and their ability to work together effectively
  • Reasons For Team Building Improving communication Making the workplace more enjoyable Motivating a team Getting to know each other Teaching the team self regulation strategies Identifying & utilizing strengths Improving team productivity
  • How can you integrate team building into something new and exciting? PLAN A SUCCESSFUL CORPORATEEVENT AT AN ENTERTAINMENT VENUETry venues that have fun team activities such as billiardgames, bowling, dancing, etc.
  • Important Questions to Ask Before Planning Your Corporate Team Building EventWhere will the event be held? Select a venue that fits the needs and wants of your team members Whether it is informal or formal, consider the age limit and dress attire of the venue
  • What will be served in the way of food and drink? Many places offer catering services or provide various traditional menus Some venues include a restaurant or full services bar Be sure to review the food selection at the venue before you make a party reservation
  • What will the program consist of? If it is centered around Team Building, who will be organizing the: Entertainment Options Gaming Activities Photography/VideoAre there dcor considerations who will be responsible for executing them? Have you planned for all necessary AV equipment?
  • Have you coordinated anyother special needs with your event participants? Will there be any ancillary activities set for the event? If so, how will that be handled? Make a scheduled agenda for gaming equipment, team building ideas, and other fun activities
  • Who will be attending this event? Team Members? Employees? Coworkers? Friends and Family?How will this event be marketed? What is the common theme or main purpose for the event? What do you want your guests to remember after this event?
  • 10 Steps to Plan a Successful Corporate EventStep 1 : Identify the Activity Team BuildingStep 2 : Determine the goalsof the event you would like toaccomplish Positive relationship building Getting to know your team better Taking a day out of the office to relax in a fun environment
  • Step 3 : Decide on a date andtime for the event, be sure toconsider: Busy seasons Schedules of key individuals WeatherStep 4 : Consider locationsand types of facilities to hostthe event Entertainment venues Restaurants, Bowling alleys, Bars Sporting Events
  • Step 5 : Consider establishingpartnerships with otherorganizations and/or peopleto assist with the execution ofthe eventStep 6 : Creating an eventTimeline, be sure to note when: Guests should arrive Food will be served Game and activities will begin Announcing any winners and prizes
  • Step 7 : Create an Event Budget Including: Venue cost Food Decorations EntertainmentStep 8 : Determine Key Decisions Program Presentation or Speakers Equipment Materials Awards Schedule
  • Step 9 : Take into considerationthese special additions and items: Food Music Decorations Flowers Photography/Video Clean upStep 10: You have planned welland are ready for your event! Keep your team up to date on any changes Follow up with any vendors Presented By: Lucky Strike Lanes Have a good time!