how to merge video and rotate upside down video with firecoresoft video converter

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You can learn how to rotate upside down video and how to merge/combine/join videos to one video with Firecoresoft Video Converter.


  • How to merge video and rotate upside down video with Firecoresoft Video ConverterFirecoresoft Studio

  • Have you encounter these kinds of problems bellow:Q1:How do i combine video clips into one whole video? i have like 6 little video clips 4rm my camera and i wanted 2 know how 2 combine them into one whole video like play one after the other..i already uploaded all of them onto my computer so now wat?please help!!!

    Q2:How do you combine short video clips into one? I have a few small clips I took with my camera and I want to combine them into one so that I may put it on Youtube. Is there a program that can do this?Q3:How do I combine several videos together to make one video?I have 4 videos that are of one scene and I can't figure out how to put the separate clips together to make one video. I have the multimedia and everything but how do I combine the 4 clips? This is my first video so I am new to this...

  • Q4:How do you rotate a video taken upside-down?On an iPhone 4. I am rather annoyed that it looks OK on my phone and upside-down on my computer. Is there any easy way to fix this? All software that could do this on a PC doesn't like .mov files

    Q5:My iPhone video is upside down. Is there a way to turn it the right way up again?A reader's Windows computer has turned her iPhone video upside down and she can't correct it.......

  • To solve all these problems, there are lots of tools you can choose, Firecoresoft Video Converter is one of this kind of video which will help to combine video and rotate video.

    Firecoresoft Video Converter support most of importing format, then convert to most of portable devices and video editing software supported format, besides, it also can do some video editing like cropping, trimming, splitting, rotating, adding video effect, changing video aspect ratio, adding watermark to video, etc.

  • So with a Firecoresoft Video Converter you can do lots of things like:A: Convert video which cant play with Quicktime, Windows Media Player, iPad, Nexus, Xbox, PS3, iPhone, iPod, etc.B: Convert video to iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere, Avid, Sony Vegas, etc. for editing.C: Rotate upside down video from iPhone.D: Crop video to get rid of the black bar.E: Trim video to delete unwanted segments.F: Split video by average and duration.G: Add video effect to your video, or add watermark to video, then convert your video to 3D video, add fade in and fade out effect to video and audio.

  • Part I: how to merge several video clips to one video:1.Add File:

  • 2.Sort your video order, and check the check-box of "Merge all files". Tips: You can edit your video before click "Convert" to start merging files.

  • 3.Set output format.

  • 4.Click "Convert" to start Merging file.

  • Part II: How to rotate upside down video:1.Add File

  • 2.Click "Edit" to rotate video 90 degrees or 180 degrees, or flip video horizontally or vertically.

  • 3.Set output format.

  • 4.Click "Convert" button to start convert video.

  • For More info you can see: