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THEMENTALPHYSICS TEACHINGAND SPIRITUAL CENTERLike a gardenoasis in thehi-desert ofSouthernCalifornia, theMentalphysicsTeaching and SpiritualCenter gives re-freshment of body, mind, and spirit tovisiting students. The site wasinspira-tionally selectedby theFounder andit embodies the superb climate of thedryhi-desert, andsweeping vista ofdesert, mountain, and centuries-old-Joshua Trees, at analtitude of 3300feet. Just to the westis theBigBearLakeResortin the San GorgonioMountain area. Palm Springsis 30 miles tothe south. Just to the eastis JoshuaTreeNational Monument, and south ofthatis Salton Sea.Master architectureis set offby a greatvariety of trees andplantings. The600-foot long Caravansary of Joyis built ofnative stone froma majestic designbyLloyd Wright, providing motel-likeaccommodations and a largemeetingand entertainment hall. ThePreceptoryofLight is designed forclass work. TheFirst Sanctuary ofMystic Christianityofferslectures to thepublic. TheMedi-tationCenterisperfectly formedforthepractice ofmeditation. OnInspira-tionHeights are theDiningHall, resi-dentialapartments, andguest cottages.Students fromallover theUnited Statesand otherparts of the world come toenjoy theunforgettable experience ofgathering together with fellow spiritualseekers forpersonal instructionin theScience ofMentalphysics, inan atmos-phere sopure and silent that one canfeel theinfluenceof t h ~ Eternal Spiritwithin them.Photos, fromtop to bottom:First Sanctuary of MysticChristianityPreceptory of LightMeditationCenterCaravansary of Joy- ABOOKFORALLTHINKINGPEOPLEHow to~ e d i t a t eBYEDWIN.J. DINGLE--_... ,."'. ii...... __:ZLHOW TO MEDITATEBYEDWIN J. DINGLE(Founder of the Science of Mentalphysics)INTRODUCTION: THE MYSTIC SIDE OFLIFEREVEALED ONLYTHROUGHLIFE'S INNERLAWSIt is confidently believed that this Lesson-for it is much more thana mere book of words-will be of priceless value to those who reallylearn what it contains.You who are now reading are informed that the Institute of Men-talphysics publishes what is called theLibrary of Victorious Living(FiftyLittle Books) that lead the serious student into the finalknowledge of the Higher Things of Life, no matter what his religionor beliefs may be. Though not essential, I feel it would be distinctlyadvantageous to you to have read theseLittle Books, covering asthey do a complete review of the Creator and the Universe and ofMan's place and duty in what may be called God's Law.You are advised, therefore, to re-examine the essential points inVolume 8 ("Your First Step to Self-Mastery"). in Volume 9 ("A-wakenYour Own Sleeping Giant"), in Volume 10 ("Your Word isYour Creative Power"), and in Volume 11("Mystery of the WarriorWithinYou"). If you do not yet possess these volumes, do not de-lay your study. But you would probably better understand andappreciate the great story of MEDITATION which this little volumecontains if you had previously studied the numbers I have mentioned.Therefore, I shall very briefly condense the important points of thoselesson-volumes in case theLibrary of Victorious Living is all new toyou:FROM VOLUMEEIGHT ("YOURFIRST STEP TO SELF-MASTERY")-"The SUBCONSCIOUS (or'Unconscious' or 'Subliminal')Mind. - This isusually called the Subjective Mind. It is present before birth. Though for longscientists said that this Subconscious Mind resided in the Cerebellum andMedulla Oblongata, it is now generally conceded that it occupies the whole hu-manbody. It would seem to be the living, immortal part of Man. Unlike theConscious Mind, the Subconscious never sleeps-it never forgets-itsmemoryisfaultless. The Subconscious builds the body. THINK what a power that is, tobuild the greatest andmost wonderful machine the world has ever seen, morewonderful thanthe imagination of Man can even imagine. It keeps thebody2working-controls breathing, circulation of theblood, and allinvoluntarymuscleswhen youare asleep as wellas when youare awake. It is your SublimePOWER,amenable to control by the force of suggestion and by conscious direction(andmuchmore that we shall now learn)."With theConscious Mind it is quite different. The Subconscious Mind hasNOFACULTY OFREASONOR JUDGMENT. Therefore, the Conscious Mindhas to decide for it, but the Subconscious Mindhas all the power to do whateveritis directedby theConscious Mind to do. Whatever the Conscious Mind acceptsand decides upon as true, the Subconscious automatically accepts as true, andin-stantaneously goes ahead to work it out in your life-FOR GOOD ORILL."FROM VOLUMENINE("AWAKENYOUROWN SLEEPING GIANT")-"First: Your understanding must be RightUnderstanding; otherwise yourSubconscious willbe wrongly directed."Second:Withright understanding established within you-right understand-ing of theTruth of theLAWS ofLife-you aremuchmore likely tobe thinkingconstructivelymost of the time, and your action(by established habits) muchmorelikely tobring youhealth,happiness, success and all blessings of thehigherthings ofLife."Third:Withright understanding established within you, your resolution to dowhatever youdecide to do will be eminently effective; there will beRIGHTResolution and when your RESOLUTIONis the expression of your rightUNDERSTANDING, youare on your way to self-mastery and self-realization."Fourth: Thus byhabit of thought and feeling and action, you AWAKENTHESLEEPING GIANT-your Subconscious-to work for youin truly constructiveinstead of destructive channels; and your life graduallybecomes thereflection ofthe SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND, and yougraduallybecome themaster of all yourlife conditions on all planes of your existence."FROM VOLUME TEN("YOUR WORDISYOURCREATIVE POWER")"Speechis atomic power-yes, as powerful as the atomic bomb, and speechhas similar power and works in similar principle as the atomic bomb. What doI mean?"Well, weknow that the power of the atomic bomb is the same mysteriouspower that keeps theUniverserunning. It is the same mysterious energy thathaskept the sun and all other stars burning and shining for millions of years.It has been aptly said that this energyis what mysteriously holds together theinfinitely small cores, or nuclei, of atoms, being the tiny building blocks of whichtheUniverse and allthat'sinit, aremade. Weknow that when atoms arebrokenup, energyis unleashed. Man has so farlearned tor.elease this energy out fromthe atoms of onekind of uranium and a few other elements. How does the atombomb explode?"You have seen a boy with a string of firecrackers, all of which are explodedas the result of his lighting the very first one."The sameprincipleis followedin the atomic bomb-a tiny neutr.on, fragmentof an atom,is shot into the nucleus of anuranium atom-this atom splits into twoparts, and a few neutrons fly out of its core-they in turn smash into two uraniumatoms, both of whichin turn are broken, and the neutrons that fly out from thesetwo cause fourmore to explode-these, of course, explode eight more-these eightexplode sixty-four-and so on. Roughly, thisis the way the bomb explodes at in-credible speed, releasing unimaginable explosivepower ...It is the same with yourspeech. Speechis themagic spirit that createsLife's Manifestations, but who canexplain it?"3FROM VOLUMEELEVEN("MYSTERY OF THE WARRIOR WITHINYOU'" -"The Warrior's principles lead you to self-mastery,physical vitality, intensifiedtalents, superior intelligence,higher character, nobler and more abundant living,and prolonged youth."* * * * * *This Volume - "How to Meditate" - will, I know, be at once great-ly appreciated by those who, in the philosophical sense, are "ready."It should be in the hands of every serious student of every branch ofmetaphysics and true philosophy and religion. It is written in thefervent hope that you who read will, because of what this volume con-tains, find yourself greatly enlightened and inspired, and that as a re-sult you will discover your religion, whatever it may be, incomparablymore precious and effectual in your life.PART 1: THE NOBLE SCIENCE OF MEDITATION-THE ONEES-OTERIC SECRET OFEXPRESSION-THEHIGHEST THAT YOUAREEVOLUTIONARILY DEVELOPED TOEXPRESS INYOUREVERYDAYLIFEAll great religions have always claimed to have an inner side. Thisinner side has always been revealed as a priceless treasure only to a se-lect few. These "mysteries" of the inner side of all religions have beenperforce wisely and jealously guarded, handed down usually by wordof mouth for generation after generation.(a) Only Way to Understand Beauties of Outer WorldThe initiated know that theLiving Truth is embodied in esoter-icism rather than in exotericism, and they declare that only throughesoteric practices can a human being understand even the outer or exo-teric beauties of Life itself in what appears to be the outer world. Inother words, there is a mystic side toLife which reveals its mysteriesonly through a search and practice of Life's inner laws.All religions have made this claim, Christianity being no different,for the simple reason that such an inner side must exist if a religionis tobe strong and stable.All men are not at the same level of evolution, so that it were use-less to intellectually give to them the same religious teaching. Thisfact has always been acknowledged, and I am sure you agree: Thatwhich would help the intellectual man would be entirely unintelli-gible to the stupid, while that simple intellectual teaching necessaryto the "young soul" would be crude and boring to the philosopher.While this is clear in regard to the intellectual understanding of re-ligion, the great teachers of all ages have declared that there exists4ONE SINGLE ESOTERIC "SECRET" which will enable ALL MEN,irrespective of what they may know or may not know intellectually,to develop themselves spiritually on the inner side, ESOTERICAL-LY, to the highest point, so that in their OUTER or EXOTERIC lifethey may express the highest that they are evolutionarily developedto express.And that, of course, is the ultimate aim and end of Man's ex-istence-finally to express GOD ..