How to Manage Your Social Media like a Boss

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How to Manage Your Social Media Like a Boss by Vicious Wishes (Erica McGillivray) @emcgillivray My professional background: 300+ events from 20-3,000 attendees 9 years of online marketing experience Specializing in community, social media, content, branding, and SEO Speaker, teacher, and author @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Expectations for today: Tools Goal tracking Finding audience @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Social media management tools Find a tool you *like* Nothings perfect for all your needs @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Tweetdeck Plume Tweetcaster Meshfire Buffer Hootsuite Manageflitter $ Sprout Social $ Viral Tag $ @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Facebook Buffer Hootsuite Sprout Social $ Viral Tag $ @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Iconosquare Latergramme Hootsuite Sprout Social $ Viral Tag $ @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Buffer Viral Tag $ @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Snapchat @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Content creation tools @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Canva Pablo InstaQuote Repost Fancy Frame @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Analytics tools @emcgillivray #BurlyCon TrueSocialMetrics Ticketing services $ Followerwonk Manageflitter $ Iconosquare @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Whats the right social network for me? A three rule guide to choosing 1. Pick a network(s) you enjoy being on @emcgillivray #BurlyCon 2. Dont half-ass two things; whole-ass one thing. Ron Swanson @emcgillivray #BurlyCon 3. Match your goals to your networks @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Goal tracking #1: Selling those tickets General metric: Ticket sales A better question: Where are my sales coming from? @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Bought via Facebook @emcgillivray #BurlyCon @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Can you use your ticketing service? Eventbrite Brown Paper Tickets Showclix Vendini Prekindle Ticketfly Yaphsody Venue specific @emcgillivray #BurlyCon UTM tracking codes @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Event tracking Is anyone actually clicking this button? @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Use Google Analytics! Stranger Tickets/Bold Type Tickets traffic only PayPal (kind of) Your own website @emcgillivray #BurlyCon @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Put them here too! @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Your email signature! @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Content on your site @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Content in other relevant sites @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Partners, Performers, Press, Playhouses @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Even on your posters! Add a tracking URL & use a shortener @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Dont forget to tally door sales Which of my efforts are most effective? Do I need to expand my network? Sample spreadsheet: #2: Velocity of sales Sales prediction math is hard. Lets shortcut. @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Benchmark against yourself (or regionally) @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Example: Seattle, you never RSVP! @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Example: Los Angeles buys at the door! Sample spreadsheet: #3: In-scene Networking 78% of people share to connect with others @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Track socialization @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Test: everything on Instagram @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Conclusion: invited to more parties @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Target influencers: Twitter lists @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Target influencers: Facebook lists What connections are you looking to make and why? @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Make sincere connections What are you tracking? What are your goals? @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Resources Tracking spreadsheet - The Psychology of Social Media by Courtney Seiter How to predict ticket sales What Social Media Sites Should Your Company Be On? @emcgillivray #BurlyCon Erica McGillivray aka Vicious Wishes @emcgillivray Presentation: