How to manage your social media assets in 15 min per day

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For intermediate social media users who manage multiple accounts.


  • 1. How To Manage Your Social Media Assetsin 15 Minutes Per Day - for intermediate social media users with multiple accountsBy Abigail Fisher, Social Media Strategist | Arque Creative

2. Agenda1. Use a Management Tool2. Integrate Accounts3. Gather News Online4. Add Context5. Post & Share6. Mon-Fri: Daily To Dos7. Measure Results 3. Use a Management ToolHootsuite free version manage 5 social media channels at once has desktop & mobile apps 4. Integrate accountsUse your management tool to perform all of your engagement 5. Gather News OnlineDesignate 1 Social Media Channel as a primary news gathering source:LinkedIn Today | Twitter Follows| Facebook Interests | Google+ Follows 6. Add ContextBefore you share add context to personalize your post: 7. Post & Share 8. Mon Fri: To DosHeres What a Weekly Plan might look like:o Monday: Gather RSS news feeds use Hootsuite to share oneor two articles on 2-3 channelso Tuesday: LinkedIn Today read and share articles andInfluencer Posts, and engage on Groups postso Wednesday: Twitter &Facebook read feeds, add context andshareo Thursday: Google+ read & share posts, comment onCommunities postso Friday: Follow back new connections on all social channels,#FollowFriday thank yous to new friends on Twitter 9. Wrap Up Stick to Your Weekly CalendarRinse and Repeat Practice makes perfect Youre reading the news anyway now just share it Add your point of view 10. Thank You!Follow me!LinkedIn Facebook TwitterGoogle+BlogAbigail Fisher | Arque CreativeSocial Media Strategist & Coach


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