How to manage more than one social media site for your online business

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<ol><li> 1. How to Manage More Than One Social Media Site for Your Online BusinessMany, Many, Many MoreWhen you were a kid, you maybe followed your dad to the garage, asking him what each tool inhis tool does. If you were an electric guitar player, you might have spent hours in the guitarshop, testing out every amplifier and pedal to see what fantastic, psychedelic sounds you couldcome up with. If you were at an amusement park, no doubt your kids took you on every ridethey could to get as many thrills as possiblewhether you wanted to or not.In life, there are so many options and mechanisms one has to learn in order to use themcorrectly for whatever function at any one time. Be it for pleasure or work, everything has areason for being. Its up to the individual to find out that purpose.If you havent already noticed, the Internet is full of certain programs and web sites supposedlygeared toward business use. In fact, there are so many, that a lot of independent digitalbusiness pros go crazy trying to figure out each one and how to use it correctly. Even in thecase of social media, a lot of business pros come to that difficult crossroads, trying to decidewhich ones to use for the best business success possible.With so many social media web sites, a business pro should know what to look for in each one,which ones can be the most helpful for business, and which ones are worth using for morecasual purposes. Even with so many, the aforementioned guidelines can make the lives oftodays professionals that much easier in the arena of social media and marketing.More or Less FormalSocial media web sites do have a distinction between those that are for more formal, business-oriented usage and others that are for more casual use within the public sphere. You might </li><li> 2. have noticed this with messages in your e-mail inbox asking you to join a particular network. Butat that point, you should think about which ones you should register for and how to use themthereafter for the best outcome for your business.The more business-oriented social media sites are the ones that you use to network betweencolleagues and associates, past or present. LinkedIn, one of the most popular professionalsocial media sites out there, is a prime example. This social media site boasts job postings,updates about business improvement strategies, and industry-related updates. If you register ona professional social media site like this, keep matters as formal as possible. Include informationabout you and/or your business, what services you offer, and where you can be reached. Here,keeping information as formal as possible will help you network with business professionals likeyourself, and its always good to keep an eye out for your own industry-related small businesssocial media sitesnew ones spring up all the time and are worth joining.On the other hand, more casual social media sites like Facebook or Twitter are also worthregistering with. Through these sites, you have the ability to have a more fun, informalinteraction with the public online; you can operate things, like a social media blog, or offer moreimaginative promotions to those that join up with your account. Obviously, some discretion mustbe used here, and you should stick to businessstay away from the gossip or shop talk thatyour friends engage in on the same web site. But dont be afraid to have fun here. Social mediais meant to be used as a positive networking tool.Dividing It UpA good trick for social media and marketing strategies is to have a social media managementplan at hand. If you register your business on more than one social media web site, come upwith a schedule on when to update them and with what specific content for each one. In a way,having more than one social media web site means you get to spread your professionalknowledge and personal sense of fun over a diverse array of digital forums. Splitting up yoursocial media strategies, can be both fun and challenging.small business social media, social media and marketing, social media blog, social mediamanagement, social media web sites.</li></ol>