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  • How to Manage a PPC Campaign (the basics)
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  • Agenda Generating Keywords Buying Cycles Crating Ads Landing Pages
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  • KeywordsHow to Generate Them Brainstorm Use a tool that makes it easy for you to manipulate your lists FREE Pick terms that a customer might use to describe what you have (Pain Factor) Analyze your site and research competitors sites Categorize
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  • The Pain Factor Example You are a business traveler and have been using a heavy computer laptop for the last two years. You decide it is time to buy a new laptop. You are looking for an ultra portable laptop. What keywords are you going to use to look for your ideal laptop?
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  • laptop portability, slim laptop, ultra portable laptop, light laptop
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  • Where are all the big companies like HP, Dell Toshiba and retailers like BestBuy and Circuit City
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  • They are all right here paying more that $25 per click on the keyword computers
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  • The Pain Factor The Pain Factor helps you identify niche keywords (you would only pay about $.10 for the keyword laptop portability). It also helps you know your customer better.
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  • KeywordsGuidelines Best Practice Always keep your customer in mind Identify how the customer has indicated specific interest by entering keywords for his/her search Catalog the range of keywords that would describe your specific product or service Use specific keywords, the more specific you get the more targeted your leads become and the lower you CPC
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  • KeywordsGuidelines Avoid Using keywords that are too general Marginally related keywords Keywords for things you dont offer Describing content found beyond your web site
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  • How Customers searchBuying Cycle Become Informed Shop Purchase Keyword Television Sony Television Sony model APX1342 Buying Cycle Information Gathering Comparing Committed to Purchase
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  • How Customers searchImplications Become Informed Shop Purchase # of Keywords Up to 50 (general) 100-500 (medium) 500-5,000 (specific) Search Volume High Medium Low Conversion Rate Low Medium High
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  • Generating Keywords Example Use excel CONCATENATE formula to combine keywords LEN formula to keep track of the length of your keywords PROPER formula to generate Ads. Capitalize the first letter on each keyword Remember to leave a space after each keyword
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  • Example PROPER
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  • Know How Users Search 81% of all users enter more than one word when searching. 49% enter 3 words or more. The number of searches using 3+ is growing every month
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  • And How Advertisers Buy Keywords Although 50% of searches type in 3+ words per search, roughly 75% of marketers are still concentrating their keywords buys on 1 word or 2 word keywords
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  • But How About Click-through? More specific keywords have better CTR
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  • Titles and Descriptions Your Ad Serve 3 Objectives 1.Introduces your company to the customer 2.Indicates the quality of your site 3.Communicates whether or not your site contains what the user is looking for
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  • Titles and Descriptions Best Practices I Write as if you were a neutral third-party describing the site Write your Ad to meet the needs of the searcher Write Ads that are accurate Avoid superlativese.g., best, lowest, greatest.
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  • Titles and Descriptions Best Practices II Use the {Keyword:} feature Direct the searcher to the page that is most relevant to the search
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  • The Keyword feature on Google allows you to insert the searched keyword in your title increasing CTR
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  • BAD Landing Page Example. I typed in the keyword Toshiba Laptops and I clicked on this Ad
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  • This is the page I was taken to. I dont see a single Toshiba machine. Therefore, Ill leave the page
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  • Lets try this one
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  • Right! This is what I was looking for.
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  • Hopefully all this information will help you get started on your PPC projects. If you have any questions feel fry to email me at Thank you!