"how to make tv apps work" 10 rules for connected tv apps development

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10 rules for Connected TV apps development Javier Lasa R&D manager Prisa digital videoweb 2011 twitter/javier_lasa

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"Short, bright and to the point, great presentation." GIGAOM "How to Make TV Apps Work" NEW TEE BEE APPMARKET "Javier Lasa has created a brilliant visual starter kit for anyone interested in TV App development connected Tv developers guide "


  • 1.10 rules for Connected TV apps development Javier Lasa R&D manager Prisa digital videoweb 2011 twitter/javier_lasa

2. What is connected TV? 3. What is connected TV? A TV set with internet connection? Not quite @ 4. What is connected TV? Ipad 250.000 Elpais y digital +150.000 apps downloaded Smartphone 30% market share 1,5 mm iphones CTV 21% market in 2011 2,5 M TV54 % in 2014 (SPAIN) Connected Tv is the marriage of television engagement & internet interactivity @ idea by @plinkers 5. Fragmented ecosystem New actors 6. SP Fragmented ecosystem What,s better a native app or a adapted web view? Think global a maximize reach Data by @plinkers 7. 10 Rules for Connected TV development Rule 1 # Define a strategy Rule 2 # Tv isnt a PC neither a mobile Rule 3 # Tech specs matter Rule 4 #Flattern information hyerachy Rule 5 #Navigation is key Rule 6 #Simplify user interface controls Rule 7 # Enable interaction and conversation Rule 8 # Testing and performace Rule 9 # Define advertising strategy and analytics Rule 10 # Enhance your project manager skills 8. What Why How Where When WhoTopics are we going to cover? Formats area we going to use? Does anyone care? Does this provide bussines value? (AD-PPV-SBS) We deliver content(tech specs audio-video) Should we say it? (style tone of voice..) Will we get the content Can we syndicate the content? Feeds social media Will this be published? Will it need to be updated? Is responsible for the content? Will maintain it over time? Rule 1 # Define a strategy 9.

  • -Memory/peformance is limited
  • -Large screen/fixed set (but mobile when multiscreen sync)
  • -Superb video &sound quality
  • -Apps respond to remote (future gestures kinect?)
  • -Native , web and hybrid sw

@ Webcam (image) telepresence microphone Interaction mobile app Remote control interaction Internet and user feedback Audio quality sound Stereo /dolby Quality picture 3D images Think multiscreen:Connected device interaction more important to TVs than apps Rule 2 # Tv isn,t a PC neither a mobile 10.

  • Fragmented development ecosystem
  • -Requirements:
  • -HTML
  • -CSS
  • -Flash (some brands dont support )
  • -javascript
  • -Audio mp3 AAC (AAC PLUS STEREO 5.1)
  • -Video: wmm4v (h264) SD ( live &VOD)
  • -Performance issues

Rule 3 # Tech specs matter 11. 01 02 03 04 05 06 Tvsignal TVApp store app categories Elpais app Main level 2 level Video section 3 rd level Video playback Rule 4 #Flattern information hyerachy 12.

  • 1 Main navigationCategories: Vertical vs Horizontal nav.
  • Avoid differnt subtask
  • 3-key help:botton bar direct access
  • 2-In page navigation:scroll,,zoom, video controls

1h1v 2 3 Rule 5 #Navigation is key 13.

  • Hot spots: interactive area should be bigger than 60x50 px
  • Font: minimun size 24p
  • Font restricted to vendor catalog
  • Minimum image size 90x90

Rule 6 # Simplify user interface controls Interaction troughtout remote differentfrom mouse or tactile screen 14. Social features must be present in the app but mixing the public and private in one screen can lead to problems Rule 7 # Enable interaction and conversation 15. Rule 8 # Testing and preformace screen resolution and safe area Desing for large screens Test the apps on final screen Adapt image output to TV set, blu-ray and STB at initial design 16. SOPONSORSHIP SPLASH SPONSOR HEADER INTERSTITIAL LANDING PAGE PRE-ROLL OVER DISPLAY Rule 9 # Advertising strategy & analytics 17. Launch april 2011 DocumentationFunctional specs Tech specs Access development environment NDA Signing Product Management NDA Closure Business Service Contract Transfer development konwledge to BU Product Roadmap & work plan Tv app average development time:6 week plus 4 week of testing Average cost:15k- 25keuro Test & integration 4-6 weeks Rule 10# enhance your project manager skills Think global( international teams: Korea, NYC, Japan, London) Bussines case Design Programming Test 18. Not a rule, a must # Love your products 19. Not a rule, a must # Love your products 20.

  • Product roadmap overview( sorry only 6 months ahead)
  • -TV apps installed in 3 diferent manufacturersby 2011
  • -Waiting for Google and Apple TV
  • -Audio enhancement (AAC plus stereo 5.1)
  • -Connected device interaction projects
  • -3D apps
  • -Mobile key for connected TV growth (android/IOS)
  • -Gamification (gaming features into editorial content)
  • -Recommendation systems
  • -Connected TV publishing integrated with editorial system CMS
  • -New advertising formats( on demand ads,3d, sync ads)

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