How To Make Snowman Earrings

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Snowman Earrings Materials: *2 copper headpins around 2,5 inch long *90 cm (35,43) of 0,3 mm wire in diameter/ 28 or 29 gauge -cut into 2 Even pieces - 45 cm (17,7) each * 2 rondelle beads - size 3mm x 4mm * 2 white beads - size around 6mm * 2 crackle beads - size around 10mm * 2 copper beads - size around 2.5mm Tools: *round-nose pliers *flat-nose pliers step 1. String your beads onto the headpin. step 2. Now take the thin wire and wrap it around the pin. step 3. Now put the wire under the beads as close to them as you can, and wrap the wire around the pin. step 4. You have to repeat step 2 and 3 few times wrapping wire around the pin under and above the beads. You can smooth wrapped part by squeezing it gently with pliers. step 5. Now cut the rest of the wires, and move beads to the bottom of the pin. step 6. Squeeze wires gently, using your pliers as shown on the photos - creating nice "snowmen" shape. step 7. Short the headpin if you need to and bend it creating little hook, then close the hook. step 8. Now you have to repeat all steps to make second earring, then attach ear wires. Earrings are ready to wear!


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