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How To: Make Simple Hairstyles(Easy & Quick)How To:Making a Messy Ponytail is easy to do in little amount of time and itll always look good. If you have curly hair this look is great for days that are rushed.Messy PonytailsStep 1:If you have curly hair get your hair wet. For straight hair, curl it with curls in random places then split up the curls then fluff it up.ProcedureStep 2 :For curly hair, dry your hair naturally.For straight hair, keep curling!procedureStep 3:Once your hair is fully dried/curled look, put in a regular pony.ProcedureStep 4:Shake your hair/pony until your pony gets sort of lose and bumpy.procedureStep 5:Add ribbons or other items to make your hair look funky.ProcedureStep 6:Finished!procedureHope you all enjoyed and found this presentation helpful!Ill be making more How Tos, so stay tuned! -AwesomeLilly