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<ul><li> 1. How To Make Money When Selling Your HomeBy Jeremy Hart, and Coldwell Banker Townside, Realtors Blacksburg, VA You want to sell your home, and you want to make some money. Here are three ways to do that - individually, each is just a piece of the puzzle, but together, they can make a big impact. Reprinted from Your home is on the market, and you expect to walk away with money. But exactly how do you make 3. Open it up. Todays market oers buyers money when selling your home? Here are three tipsmore inventory to choose from than I think are most important to selling a home for theever. Despite that, if your home isnt most money possible:easy to get in to see than its not likely going to sell quickly, and its not likely to 1. Price it right. When your home is for sale in a sell for a lot of money. Make it easy forsoft market, price is one of the mostthe buyer agents to reach you, and giveimportant things to pay attention to. Itthem time to walk through with theirdoesnt matter that your neighbor sold for clients unimpeded. If at all possible,$100000 more two years ago we need todont even be in the house!look at market conditions today (and in thefuture) and price accordingly. Selling a home should be a tiny bit 2. Clean it up. Ever watched those design shows uncomfortable, but if its priced right, its cleanon TV that show an ugly basement that in 30and its easy to get into, its worth it whenminutes is transformed into something youdyoure handed that big check. Email meand letssee in a design magazine? Look at your home talk if you want to explore how you can makeas if it needs to be ready for that magazine money when selling your shoot. Pack things that youre notgoing to use in the next couple of monthsanyhow (you ARE moving, remember), andput away things that are just sitting around. Eliminate dogs, pets and smoke odor now isthe time to make the home as generic aspossible so that buyers can see themselves inthe home. </li></ul> <p> 2. Jeremy Hart a licensed real estate agent at Coldwell Banker Townside Realtors in Blacksburg, Virginia, and founding member of NRVLiving RealEstate. If interested, his license number is #0225077937, and hes been a licensee in good standing of the New River Valley Association, the Virginia Association, and the National Association of Realtors since January 2004. You can contact him at jeremy at nrvliving dot com.Disclaimer: Im just a real estate agent and while Im one piece of the puzzle, dont forget to consult your attorney, tax professional and librarian before making a nancial or real estate decision. It should be noted that the articles in this blog are solely my opinion, and likewise those who leavecomments are providing their opinions, as well.. These are not the opinions of Coldwell Banker Townside Realtors, their afliates or any employeethereof. Coldwell Banker Townside has been gracious in allowing me the freedom to discuss real estate in whatever way I choose, but they are notresponsible for the content included herein. Any information or statistics I post are deemed accurate, but are not guaranteed. I will also not sell orrelease your email address to anyone unless ordered to do so by a court of law. I wont contact you unless you contact me rst. Finally, all content is protected by Creative Commons and US Copyright. If you like something you read here, feel free to use and quote small portions of text as long asyou link directly back to the post URL. Please do not republish without permission my attorneys fees are expensive. </p>