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How to make homemade hair accessories- Bohemian flower It is an enjoyable thing that you could have a full sunny afternoon to realize the fancy ideas popping up in interims of working period; however sometimes when you carry out the plans, you may need jewelry tutorials to give some important guides. For example, this time presented tutorial how to make homemade hair accessories will be a great assistant when creating hair accessories. The materials and tools you need: Fabrics Needle & sewing thread Acrylic beads Scissors Full instructions Step 1: make the jagged fabric straps Prepare desired length of fabric straps; and then use scissors to cut teeth shaped jags along the prepared fabric straps.; If you want to DIY a nice-looking hair accessory, then our jewelry tutorials are just right for you; our named how to make homemade hair accessories tutorial aims to teach you a good way. So far, the tutorial regarding how to make homemade hair accessories is finished now! Beautiful hair jewelry tutorials will be demonstrated more on the hair accessories board. Welcome all of you to click onto our web. Hope enjoy jewelry making! More fantastic designs for hair accessories are in the website: Step 2: gather them tighter to make flower shape First, stitch through the scraps , tighten the thread and they will squeeze up; Second, till the prepared scarps are all gather together, roll them up meanwhile sew and pull to make it a flower shape; Step 3: adorn bead onto flower Sew acrylic bead onto the center of flower shape, so the full flower is done.