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<ul><li><p>How to make hair accessories with ribbon- a simple and new way to </p><p>diy jewelry </p><p>Some diy tutorials about hair accessories will </p><p>bring some troubles for diy novices more or less, </p><p>as they require many petty things like needle, </p><p>sewing thread, scissors and more; considering </p><p>such situation, I suggest the tutorial how to </p><p>make hair accessories with ribbon for you, </p><p>because it requires fewer things and is simple to </p><p>handle. </p><p>The materials and tools: </p><p> Wavy ribbons </p><p> Hair pins </p><p> Felt pieces </p><p> Hot glue gun </p><p>All steps for the flower bud accessories: </p><p>Looking for novel diy jewelry ideas? How to make hair accessories with ribbon tutorial would satisfy you; </p><p>hair clip is one kind of cute jewelry making ideas! </p><p>Step 1: make the flower bud with </p><p>ribbon </p><p>First, Snip a proper length of ribbon </p><p>Second, dab a spot of glue onto one end of </p><p>ribbon and roll up the rest meanwhile drip glues </p><p>to secure the rolled shape; </p><p>Third, glue the other end to bud and trim off </p><p>excess ribbon if necessary. </p><p>Step 2: finish the bud </p><p>ornament </p><p>Set the flower bud onto felt piece with </p><p>hot glue and give a nice cut to the </p><p>excess felt. </p></li><li><p> Step 3: cute hair pins created Combine flower bud with pin by glue. </p><p>Congratulations! The first pinky rose hair pin is </p><p>created; now follow the simple 3 steps of how to </p><p>make hair accessories with ribbon, you can make </p><p>out more amazing hair pins and other pieces. </p><p>Learn diy jewelry tutorials and enjoy crafts. </p><p>For more wonderful ideas about hair ornaments making, welcome to our web: </p><p> </p></li></ul>