How to make earrings with headpins simple beaded earrings

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How to make earrings with headpins- simple beaded earrings Some pretty beaded earrings are easy-to-make and can leave others, as much as if not more than, average impression, even when you hurry out and grab one pair randomly to match your outfit. This time, we would like to introduce one project that belongs to that kind, and its name is how to make earrings with headpins. Materials and tools: Rice shaped brown wood beads Flat brown acrylic beads Gold iron beads Brown seed beads Head pins Earring hooks Flat nose plier Round nose plier Wire cutter Instructions: Beaded earrings are one of those fast-to-craft jewelry in DIY world; in this tutorial, we will show you how to make earrings with headpins in just 5 minutes. Step1:add beads on and prepare headpin 1st, thread beads onto head pin in the order that picture shows or as per your own design; 2nd, bend rest pin into 90 degrees or more. Step2:finish the beaded dangles 1st, cut short the bent pin and loop it into an opening hook; 2nd, repeat the step to make the other one and attach them to earring hooks. Step 3: complete the pair of earrings Close the opening hooks and tuck ends into beads. So far the tutorial of how to make earrings with head pins is over! Even if an amateur do this pair, they will also show a very professional look before the publics. In the near future, you will perhaps become a master in beaded earrings making field. Get a series of seed beads please click: