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1. How to make bridal hair accessories - free jewelry tutorials for handmade hairband Want to hand make a hair accessory for your friend who will be a happy bridal soon? Follow one of our freejew elry tutorials how to make bridal hair accessories will help you to finish this important gift.There are many free jewelry tutorials about bridal hairaccessories; this one may not be that special, but definitelypractical. That is why I suggest you to follow this how tomake bridal hair accessories tutorial to make a hair piecefor your best friend.Materials and tools: Iron Hair comb 8mm white glass pearls 8mm spray-painted glass pearls 6mm clear abacus glass beads 4mm white seed beads 0.5mm brass brass wire 0.30mm nylon wire Wire cutter ScissorsFull instructions listed as below:Step 1: prepare wire and add beadsSnip a piece of copper wire long enough for next steps;Add an abacus bead to center and slide seed bead, glass peals according to your design;Remember to twist wire several times after a bead slided onto, which makes every bead f loating. 2. Step 2: create a beautiful wireStep 3: finish the hair accessoryornament Snip a proper length of nylon wire and use it toFirst, continue beading and twisting withcombine ornament with comb. Notice to makemuch toing and f roing, and shape the wire overhand knots above the comb teeth, andornament as you like;tuck them into beads as possible.When the work is done, cut off the excesswire and tuck the ends into beads to avoidany possibility of poking out.Till now the how to make bridal hair accessories is over; I bet this gift will surprise the bride; andyou will pride on yourself: On such a big day, your gift adds the bride more beauty and grace. Ourfree jewelry tutorials aim to help you create a jewelry piece successfully, so enjoy crafting.For more brilliant ideas about hair ornaments, welcome to our web: