how to make body jewelry simple way to diy miley body chain

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  • How to make body jewelry- simple way to DIY Miley body chain

    Chain harness fashion is going around the world; if

    you never realize that, you are totally out. Browsing

    on webs, images about Miley body chain and

    Rihanna chain jewelry are in full swing abroad. What

    are waiting for? Hurry to refer this how to make

    body jewelry tutorial, trying while learning, you will

    find it is the trendy jewelry pieces that are really


    Materials and tools:

    Golden chains

    Jump rings

    Golden clasp

    Wire cutter

    Round nose plier


    This how to make body jewelry show a fast way to DIY Miley body chain; enjoy this fashion and have fun

    in our crafting.

    Step 1: customize the chains size on

    your body

    1st, drape one chain from neck and wrap another

    chain around waist;

    2nd, drag two ends of waist chain to meet the

    necklace chain and position the junction place at

    center chest;

    Step 2: attach jump ring to the

    junction place

    1st, cut off excess chains from junction;

    2nd, open a jump ring and attach four ends to


  • Step 3: add clasp on to finish the body chain

    1st, open middle link on waist chain and attach a clasp to left end;

    2nd, attach a jump ring to right end.

    So far the tutorial of how to make body

    jewelry is over, and as you have experienced,

    DIY Miley body chain is not that difficult as

    you expect right? Amazingly simple project!

    Similarly inspired by Rihanna chain harness,

    you can imitate one.

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