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<ul><li><p>How to make a beaded cuff bracelet- beaded cuff </p><p>bracelet fully decorated with blooms patterns </p><p>Design and make a bracelet, especially a piece of </p><p>delicate beaded cuff bracelet is actually a fun and </p><p>precise operation. To learn how to make beaded cuff </p><p>bracelets, you may not only get a new versatile </p><p>accessory, but also during the making processes your </p><p>patient and the ability of focus attention can be highly </p><p>developed. Then, lets start now. </p><p>Prepare materials needed to make a beaded cuff </p><p>bracelet: </p><p> Glass Bead</p><p> Clasp </p><p> Tiger Tail</p><p> Side cutting plier </p><p>How to make beaded cuff bracelets? </p><p>Step1: main beading methods </p><p>In the whole bracelet, it can be simply divided into 10 rows (namely the letter a-j in picture). </p><p>Firstly, take a section tiger tail wire (the wire need in project maybe really long, so that you can </p><p>also divide that into several parts), string Black Cube Glass Bead*1, blue Cube Glass Bead*8 and </p><p>Black Cube Glass Bead*1 on the string; notice leave about 15cm space from the end; </p><p>Secondly, thread the wire from the top back to bottom. During the process, add another 5 Cube </p><p>Glass Beads (black*1, blue*4). </p><p>Thirdly, lead the wire from bottom to top and remain adding beads as same as above process do; </p><p>Just repeat nearly eight times. </p><p>Guides on how to make beaded cuff bracelets; by using multiple-color cube Glass Beads and a roll of tiger </p><p>tail wire you can make a wonderful handmade beaded cuff bracelet decorated with lovely blooms. Detailed </p><p>beading diagram and making processes are both included! </p></li><li><p>Once finished the above steps, the big project has finally done! Just take another look of your </p><p>beaded cuff bracelet; can you move your eyes away? Besides, the colors, types and patterns can </p><p>be chosen freely according to your personalized preference. Finally, if you love it, please just focus </p><p>on our pandahall and more free guides on how to make beaded cuff bracelets will be launched in </p><p>succession </p><p>Shop for different styles of quality beads with affordable price welcome to visit: </p><p></p><p>Step2: make the decorated blooms </p><p>patterns </p><p>According to the diagram, we can read that from </p><p>the NO.h8 (the8th bead in Row-h), we may start </p><p>to change some blue beads with other color </p><p>beads. </p><p>Step3: attach on the clasps </p><p>In this project, because I use the tiger tail </p><p>wire as main string materials, so a clap is </p><p>must-have finding for it can be convenient to </p><p>wear and take off. In the end, leave also </p><p>15~20cm to wrap the clasp onto the </p><p>bracelet. Further, do the same action to the </p><p>starting portion. </p></li></ul>