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  1. 1. How to create your Green Screen Video Advertisement
  2. 2. What you need to do: Create a 30 second video advertisement for your lifestyle disease. It needs to include: the promotion of an awareness day for your lifestyle disease Statistics of how many Australians suffer from the disease At least one strategy to prevent your lifestyle disease Your website address
  3. 3. Develop your script Write a draft for your script and show your class teacher to check. Rehearse your script and print it out onto paper with a large font size to allow someone to hold it up for you to read whilst you are recording.
  4. 4. Choosing your background Your green screen will be replaced with a background image of your choice. Your background image can be still (a photograph) or moving (a video). Save your background and import it into your video editor (either iMovie or Premiere Elements) TIP: Try for high quality images to use for your background.
  5. 5. Filming your video You will need: A flip cam A tripod Greenscreen Lighting
  6. 6. Importing and exporting your video You will need to import your video to your computer from the flip cam You will then need to import the video to iMovie (Mac) or Premiere Elements (PC) to edit.
  7. 7. Using the green screen effect
  8. 8. Editing your video After adding the green screen effect, work on adding the following elements to your video advertisement: Titles : add a title for your website address or other elements you think are appropriate Transitions: try adding a transition at the beginning and end of your advertisement Music: make sure the volume does not override your voice!
  9. 9. Exporting your video Make sure you save your video in a file format that is either: .mov .mp4


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