How to maintain Gmail Account Secure?

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How to maintain Gmail Account Secure?

How to maintain Gmail Account Secure?

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Everybody is concerned about their Gmail security. We all have important and confidential emails are in Gmail and we all know now, Google mail is linked with other online accounts as well. And if your Gmail account gets hacked, it means you will lose access to all important data along with other online accounts being hacked as well and the Google services you are using.

There are several ways through which the user can secure their Gmail account and below are the methods through which the user can tighten the email security.ContinueSet up Two step verification- One of the best security measure the user can take to keep their account safe. Google provides 2-step verification security which allows the users to login Google services (including Gmail) with a password and code sent to their phone number.

It makes impossible for the hackers as they require your password and physical access to your phone.

Continue2. Make a strong password and never use the same passwords- Using a strong password is very important for any online account and for security. The password must contain random words, characters, numerals, uppercase and lowercase letters. If you are able to memorize and pronounce your password, then its definitely not a strong password. Furthermore, never use the same password for online accounts especially for email password. If any of your online accounts gets hacked, then it can be risky.

3. Keep tracking Login activity and Sign out remotely- Google mail has this feature to let you see your lat 10 logins along with IP address, device, time and browser. The user can use these details to make sure their account is not being accessed by a device which they dont own or recognize.

To view your activity, go to the extreme bottom of the main interface and click on details under Last Account Activity.

4. Make small adjustments in Gmail security settings- there are certain settings adjustments in Gmail that can affect the security. Ensure that there is no issue in these settings in order to secure your account. For accessing settings, click on Gear icon available on top right corner and select settings.

5. Never disclose your information- Scammers know nth number of ways to trick you down for your information. The thumb rule is never trust anybody and provides all information.Besides, avoid clicking on links from sources that you dont trust. And never login to any account after clicking via a link. A phishing attack can hack your account easily and steal all your data and information.

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Above mentioned are some of the methods to secure the account. If you want any help regarding the Google mail, contact at Gmail technical support Australia 1-800-875-274 where our technicians and experts are there to assist and guide you. Our team is available 24/7 at your service. You can also get in touch via toll-free number 1-800-875-274.

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