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Fast but safe weight loss


  • BMI Calculator for Women

    BMI is the abbreviation for Body Mass Index. Body Mass Index is indicative of the ideal

    weight of the person in consonance with the height and age factors. BMI calculator for

    women is helpful in understanding the energy requirements of the body to keep it fit and

    healthy. BMI calculator for women is available in British Imperical and Metric

    measurements. BMI can be calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by height in meters


    BMI Calculator for Women- A Guide to Know the Health Status

    BMI calculator for women is helpful in determining the BMI. Height normally ranges from 4 ft

    to 6 ft. If BMI is 18 and less then it shows the situation of being under weight. This situation

    is indicative of nutrition deficiency. Such women face risk of miscarriage and malnutrition

    related ailments in longer run. Most of the doctors advise weight gaining techniques to such

    women to ensure healthy life. BMI more than 39 shows that even standing is a big exercise

    as the body is too heavy to tolerate its own weight. BMI calculator for women is a piece of

    horror for such women as it will make them aware of all possible ailments which they can

    suffer due to obesity.

    B M I C A L C U L A T O R F O R W O M E N A N I M P E T U S T O C H A N G E T H E D I E T P L A N

  • BMI calculator for women can be a good and reliable source to understand the nutrition

    needs of the body. Those who are under weight can incorporate chocolates, fats and pulses

    in their diet to gain weight. Various nutrition supplements that help women get the beautiful

    curves are available in the market. Over weighed women need to eat fatless and calorie

    free food. Cakes and chocolates are a big no for such women. BMI calculator for women is

    thus essential to decide the diet regime.

    BMI Calculator for Women- A Beauty Parameter

    BMI calculator for women is used by them to provide statistical support to the reason why

    they look so beautiful or so ugly. Women whose BMI is between 20 and 25 are very much

    satisfied with their body type. They look fit, beautiful and are comfortable in all kinds of

    outfits. BMI above 25 is a sign of trouble. Your figure needs immediate correction and hitting

    the gym along with dieting is a considerable advice. But this should not land you in sea of

    depression as worrying unnecessarily is itself a source of weight gain. Anxiety is the cause

    of many diseases and simple being anxious will not do any good in terms of weight loss.

    BMI Calculator for Women Tells about Body Composition Also

    BMI calculator is helpful in understanding the body composition also. Body composition

    means the mass of the body which is not fat. BMI data can be misleading as it does not

    take into consideration all the aspects that contribute to over all body mass. For example,

  • for children and elderly people, since muscle and bone to height ratio is changing constantly

    due to growth and deterioration respectively, BMI may not provide the clear picture.