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How to live a better lifeCBTTherapyLondon

Life can be a beautiful journey with the positive thinking. You can make this adventurous too everything depend on you. Life can be alter either interesting or boring. Its up to you how do you perceive the thoughts in mind? Stress, Worry and Anxiety are the biggest enemies in our life by which you cannot run but you can come out of this to live better.So here are some of the best choice we are putting in front of you to make your life- full of kindness, opportunities, and love

1.Leave Bad Habit at a timeCreate a plan- take it on dashboard- Be strong and Committed Give minimum time of 3 month Take help of your friends and family Analyze your performance daily or weekly - See the result or you can go again on maintenance mode

2.Praise yourself every timePraising yourself is the good habit help you to energize yourself. Start wearing stylish and sexy clothes or you can ask your friend who are fashionable in your circle. This will help you to increase your level of confidence though you look average but keep saying that you are handsome or beautiful.

3.Kick away your pastPast will remain past. No matter what happened to you because you cannot alter your past but can learn from the previous mistake you did. Stay happy with your present. Make new friends, talk healthy, and enjoy each and every moment of your life.

4.Stop hating yourselfIt may possible that you failed many times even you were so committed with the goal and you doubt or blame yourself and become a negative person that you cant. Stop this activity! Learn from the mistakes, stand up and start again.

5.Learn everyday new You can truly live your life with full of enjoyment if you learn everyday new thing like new language such as Spanish, Italy or other languages, start writing blog, start reading books, other outdoor activities.

Stay Happy, StayYoungLife is Beautiful

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