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1. How To Instagram for Business Marketing 2. Instagram 2014 Statistics 3. 300 million active Instagram users 4. 13% Internet users 5. 55 million photos uploaded each day 6. 1.2 Billion likes daily 7. 100,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors 8. Instagram Hashtags 9. One thing you'll notice right off the bat on Instagram is the abundant use of hashtags. As a business, by using a specific hashtag to your industry, you can reach your niche audience. Tools such as Iconosquare and Websta are free online services where you can find the most relevant hashtags for your business updates. 10. Instagram Timing as with other social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, its all about updating during those peak times. Again you can use Iconosquare which as an optimization report to help you identify those high traffic hours. 11. One trick to start building your Instagram community is to search out your competitions' followers. You can use the free online tool by search for your competition by name and you'll get a list of everyone who follows that business. BE COMPETITIVE 12. To find the most popular accounts on Instagram in your industry, use the site's search function to enter the keywords, hashtags, and company names. 13. Follower Customer 14. 3 ways to turn Instagram followers into customers: 1. Update with exclusive offers 2. Create envy and turn your store into a hotspot by posting your brand's glam party or on a lavish vacation. 3. Turn those product snapshots your followers take into positive customer reviews by posting on your feed. Create Envy