How to get your boss to say "yes!" to your ideas

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<ul><li><p>ByCoralieSawruk</p><p>How to get your boss tosay "yes" to your ideas</p></li><li><p>About the author</p><p>Coralie Sawruk is a people person at heart</p><p>who helps Leaders transform the way their</p><p>people work together.</p><p>She facilitates cross-generational Leadership</p><p>transitions and provides Strategic Business</p><p>Transformation services across the globe.</p><p>Click and Connect!</p><p>@</p><p>I believe the ultimate competitive advantage is made of the right</p><p>talents working hand in hand. Cheerfully.</p><p></p></li><li><p>S P E A K C O N F I D E N T L Y</p><p>G E T E X E C U T I V E S T OA S K F O R Y O U R</p><p>I N S I G H T S</p></li><li><p>#1</p><p>KNOW YOUR </p><p>SUCCESS TRAIL</p></li><li><p>of B2B buyers</p><p>are influenced by</p><p>word of-mouth </p><p>when making their decisions</p><p>91%* </p><p>*[Source - USM]</p></li><li><p>The way PEOPLE SPEAK aboutyou is as important as the</p><p>ACHIEVEMENT itself </p></li><li><p>Senior Leaders trust High Profiles </p><p>GET IT HERE</p><p>Find out what Leadership</p><p>qualities &amp; behaviours</p><p>will get you in their </p><p>Inner Circles</p><p></p></li><li><p>#2</p><p>BUILD CREDIBILITY</p></li><li><p>Expose your critical thinking</p><p>Meetings Brainstorms Solutionlabs</p></li><li><p>#3</p><p>CHALLENGE</p><p>POSITIVELY</p></li><li><p>of people</p><p>who hear about </p><p>their strengths </p><p>actively engage</p><p>61%* </p><p>*[Source - Gallup]</p></li><li><p>Innovativeapproach </p><p>Connect anexpert </p><p>Unexpectedbenefit </p><p>Suggest an add-on that wouldmove the main pointfrom good to great </p></li><li><p>#4KNOW YOUR</p><p>DECISION-MAKERS</p><p>PREFERENCES</p></li><li><p>Wording?</p><p>Analytics/Stats?</p><p>Visuals? </p><p>Detail-oriented?</p><p>Big picture?</p><p>Presentation orconversation?</p><p>ExecutiveSummary? </p><p>Informalbriefing?</p></li><li><p>#5IT'S ALL ABOUT</p><p>TIMING</p></li><li><p>- Idries Shah - </p><p>Right time, </p><p>Right place,</p><p>Right people</p><p>equals success</p></li><li><p>#6GAIN GROUP</p><p>ADHESION</p></li><li><p>Supporters On the fence</p><p>Make them promote</p><p>Changetheir mind</p><p>Answerobjections</p><p>Opponents</p><p>Prepare behind the scenes</p></li><li><p>#7TEST THE WATERS</p></li><li><p>Can help spot whats notclear in your message, andgive a flavour of possible</p><p>challenges</p><p>Feedbackfrom mentors</p><p>or insiders</p></li><li><p>#8COMMUNICATION</p><p>ESSENTIALS</p></li><li><p>Clear</p><p>Complete</p><p>Correct</p><p>7 C's*</p><p>*[Source Mindtools]</p><p>Concise</p><p>Coherent</p><p>Concrete</p><p>Courteous</p></li><li><p>R E A D T H I S P O S T</p><p>P A Y A V I S I T T O M YW E B S I T E</p><p>G E T I N T O U C H !</p><p>Go deeper...</p><p>How to suggest an idea to your boss(and get a "Hell Yes!")</p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>THANK YOU</p><p>L E A D B E F O R E Y O U Q U I T</p></li></ul>