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Presentation on improving the performance of your website.For more information on this presentations visit The Internet Show ME 2011:


  • 1. How to ensure your website is always live? Find out how you can guarantee uptime, coping with changing demands in traffic. Is cloud hosting the answer?Presented by Fabio TorliniMarketing Director EMEA
  • 3. Who is Rackspace? A leading hosting services provider Hosting is our expertise, not an add on Its about service not servers Fanatical Support is at the heart of everything we do
  • 4. Global Reach Rackspace US Rackspace EMEA Rackspace ASIA 2200 Rackers 550 Rackers 30 Rackers 20,000 Dedicated Customers 6,000 Dedicated Customers 800 Dedicated Customers 60,000 Cloud Customers 6,000 Cloud Customers 4,000 Cloud Customers 6 data centres 2 Data Centres 1 Data Centre Local office in the Netherlands LON1 Heathrow, UK LON3 Slough, UK CH1 - Chicago IAD1 - Herndon, VA HK1 Hong Kong IAD2 - Ashburn, VA DFW - Grapevine, TX SAT1 - San Antonio, TX SAT2 - San Antonio, TX 4
  • 5. Slide 5 What type of companies do we host? Publishing and MediaGovernment and Charity IT and Telecoms Blue Chip and Retail Financial and Legal ISV
  • 6. The importance of hosting for your online business
  • 7. Gartner research shows that an average of 80 percent of mission-critical application service downtime is directly caused by people or process failures. The other 20% is caused by technology failure, environmental failure or a disaster. (Gartner)
  • 8. Why uptime is so important for your business Loss of revenue Maintain your companys image and reputation Press coverage for all the wrong reasons
  • 9. What causes downtime? Poor web performance Infrastructure does not scale Poor web securityCould cloud hosting be the answer?
  • 11. Types of cloud Public clouds - shared compute resource provided over the Internet, and powered substantially by software Private clouds - infrastructures dedicated to individual customers, but virtualised to provide a cloudiness to the service in terms of flexible number of virtual machines, capacity etc Hybrid Hosting - Traditional managed hosting solutions combined with public cloud
  • 12. Public Clouds Shared infrastructure Accessible through Internet Limited customisation and control Limited or no SLAs available Fast scalability Compliance can be very difficult to achieve Very cost effective Suitable for hosting websites, test and development, user acceptance testing etc.
  • 13. Cloud Services CLOUD SERVERS CLOUD FILES Over 60,000 Slices under management Over 1 Petabyte of data under Both Windows & Linux management Limelight CDN
  • 14. Private Clouds Dedicated infrastructure Much greater customisation and control Compliance easy to achieve Guaranteed SLAs and uptime Suitable for ecommerce, consolidation of large server farms, back-office applications
  • 15. Will cloud help you limit downtime? Cause of downtime Cloud Managed Hybrid hosting Infrastructure does not scale Lack of technical expertise Website is not properly secured
  • 16. Tahadi Games and Rackspace
  • 17. About Tahadi Games Tahadi Games is a publisher of online games targeting the Middle East and North Africa. Multiplayer Online Games with thousands of players interacting and playing together. The key to successful operation in this business is the creation and maintenance of large communities of gamers. Uptime is critical. Gamers expect us to be live 24 x 7. Looking for a scalable, redundant, multi datacenter solution
  • 18. Why we chose Rackspace Rackspace enabled us to fulfill our expectations They place importance on uptime They have reliable and fast connections Servers are new and efficient, coping with large amounts of traffic Excellent customer service Best price on the market
  • 19. 22Why Rackspace? Industry leader, growing, and profitable Fanatical Support is the differentiator Financially SecureService Dedicated Hosting Focused A decade of hosting Solution Driven expertise its all we do Finding the perfect fit for your needs and budget
  • 20. Thank you! Questions?