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How to get taller in 1 week


  • 1. How to get taller in 1 weekIn this file, you can ref free useful materials about how to get taller in 1week and other materials for taller tips.If you need free ebook: top 12 secrets to grow tallerpls visit: tallertips.comI. Tips to grow taller for you!Natural stretching exercises to increase height for adults:1. the benefits of owning a high stature2. injury on stature3. because you can increase its stature4. system analysis "high"5. standards for performing the exercises6. the art of breathing7. The diet of people small8. personal hygiene and various tips9. The muscular exercise10. a great exercise1. It is unnecessary to enumerate words spender benefits that peopleof stature are onthose of lower than average stature. In addition to purely materialadvantages, the high staturepower of Attorney of extraordinary moral advantages. Openly orsecretly, people small.Performance review phrases comments/ free download examples Page 1

2. envy those higher than them, and would pay any sum to be larger.2. General injury and that, middle-aged, reached the height of thehuman body shouldremain unchangeable. This erroneous idea depends on widespreadignorance about the Constitutionour body's anatomy. But it is enough to call to mind some simple playerconcepts learned on school desks, to convince him that there is noreasonbecause the body cannot grow in height as in width.3. the human body is composed of three distinct parts: the head, neckand torso, legs. If it isvain hope of being able to vary the height of an adult's head, the lengthof the neck,trunk and legs can undoubtedly be increased.The neck and torso, as everyone knows, are supported by a flexiblecolumn, the columnformed by overlapping vertebral of various bones and vertebrae, eachrowlike many other coins.The thirty-two vertebrae in the spine are connected by ligaments andmuscles, which despite prohibiting them to fall apart, give the body achance to bend,extend and turn to a certain extent on himself.The primary means of Union between the vertebrae is the meniscusintervertebral disc, disc or speciesthe bearing between the one and the other vertebra, form of a fibro-cartilaginosasubstance.Performance review phrases comments/ free download examples Page 2 3. In people do not exercise, sedentary and elderly, the meniscus tends toatrophy and thereforethe height is lowered. When the body does not have the necessary rest,the menisci are raccorciano andthe vertebrae fuse together.When, on the contrary, the body is rested, the menisci are theirelasticity and beholdbecause in the morning we are higher than in the evening.It is easy to establish with the figures the great influence that theexercise of the backbone canhave on stature. A meniscus in perfect condition size from 3 to 4 mm, ameniscusdo not measure atrophic one! Since the spine contains 23, lengththe entire column, consequently the stature of the individual can loseeven sevencm for lack of an appropriate exercise.A second important reason helps to decrease the human stature isspikingand the deviations of the spine. The spine in healthy child is almostperfectly straight, with the advance of years, S-shaped curves, includinga curveconcave dorsal fin between the shoulder blades and a lumbar curveconcave between the kidneys.You can here calculate that after these two abnormal curves arisingfrom lack ofexercise, an individual can lose by 2 to 3 inches in height.Looking at obese people for example, we see that, for an act of balance,theyPerformance review phrases comments/ free download examples Page 3 4. reject your shoulders back and lower the head so as to compensate forthe weight of the abdomen.With regard to your legs it is evident that an appropriate exercise affectas for the back joints. Sedentary in the tibia and the femur is no morethe linedesired straight from nature, but a broken line, of course less high.Also on the flanks and the metatarsus a good exercise can get all thepossible extensionand all can be earned up to four inches for the limbslower.A particular consideration they deserve.The human foot, imprisoned by shoes, is gone for centuries subject tocontractdeformations of which the most common is without doubt the oneknown by the name of footdish. The flat foot stems mostly from the weakness of the muscle of themetatarsals,so that your toes are raised by confirming to the sole of the foot isshaped like ahorizontal line. This will easily lose up to an inch in stature.In our method is included an exercise intended to deal with thisshortcoming(year n. 16).4. the reader who has followed closely our brief explanations, you willalready be convinced ofpossibility to increase its stature irrespective of age.Of course, the more the subject is young, training, and the result will beconsiderable; but again, everyone can increase from 5 to 8 inches!Performance review phrases comments/ free download examples Page 4 5. How is soon explained and included in our "top".The originality of our system, although it's so easy and convenient, andits effectiveness is controlled bymany experts, comes from what all exercises that compose it, followedby athe direction normal to the axis of the spine. In this way all of cartilagesconjunction is continuously stretched up to let them take the maximumextensionpossible.As a whole the exercises are 23, distributed as follows:3 exercises for the neck (from 1 to 3)2 for the Trunk (from 4 to 5)1 for the abdomen (6)leg 7 (from 7 to 14)2 for feet (from 15 to 16)extension 7 (from 17 to 23)This is not the case of wonder for the seemingly disproportionatenumber of exercises leg development. What we have been led byvarious reasons:* While the rest of the body remains more or less moving, her legs aremany hours of the day in perfect rest;* For a cosmetic reason is absolutely necessary that the legs reachacrossthe extent possible, what can come true to such an extentextraordinary with the cartilages ofconjunction at knee level likely to say almost prodigious development.As is known, people are almost always small with proportionately shortlegs.Performance review phrases comments/ free download examples Page 5 6. * Almost all the exercises, if they serve particularly the development oflower limbsare at the same time to increase the number of exercises designed tostraighten and roll out the spine.5. we will now summarize here briefly the rules under which our systemmust bepracticed.We observe, first, that it is advisable to perform the exercises in themorning when raised,When the body rested and in possession of all his flexibility. However,several exercisesby extension (for example no. 1, 3, 7, 16, 18, 20) can be at any time oftheday.Unlike other systems of gymnastics, we do not prescribe the number oftimeseach exercise should be performed; the general rule and that weprescribe isthe following:Each exercise should be performed at least until the muscle wielded atestsense of strengthening.The exercise must end as soon as the muscle exerted begins to try asensepainful fatigue. If fatigue does not appear, continue. Otherwise stop.The number of times that each exercise will be carried out will growwith the gradualPerformance review phrases comments/ free download examples Page 6 7. workout. The time to 10 minutes a day has been fixed by us asminimum, butof course to get a quick and effective increase in stature it will applymuch more. Also recommend to follow the exercise as subdivisionswerelaid down in the book, for example, a day of exercises for stretchingof the neck, the next day the group back and so on, or two exercisesgroups, according to the ability and strength of people who practicethem. Finally, it is advisable to sportswear to facilitate movement.6. it is well known that breathing free, wide, deep, is an essentialelement foraccelerate the replacement material. from time immemorial thatdoctors and hygienistsadvised to breathe as much as possible free and pure air and thereforerecommend thehigh houses, woodland walks, in the countryside and the sea. It isimportant to emphasize thatoxygen is a real growing food; We recommend then to breathe deeplyandto stay healthy and ventilated environments.7. one of the major causes growth disorders is the use and abuse ofalcohol andmeat. In this almost all doctors agree. We recommend therefore tothose whoaim to increase their stature as possible to moderate consumption.In meals to get foods rich in substances that specifically serve tostrengthen the bone structure of the body.In this regard, the veterinary surgeon Dr. Pags writes:Performance review phrases comments/ free download examples Page 7 8. In animals, this < factors general body development; extendedbreastfeeding but not, however, up to the point where weaken keepingtoo long soft tissues; life outdoors, free and green foods. After Greenfoods, oats for the horse, therice for the ox and soup for everyone. When you want to enlarge thesows basin, looks good by giving them foods that fatten, but rather ofgreen foods such asthe cravings of cabbage. This shows us that we use too muchconcentrated food during theour childhood and youth, white bread, sugar and red meat: there are ineverything the strongly mineralized plasma that develop the largebowel and ensurethe growth in length >.We must, however, avoid the overfeeding is a cause of disturbance ofgrowth.You will avoid even more the tachifagia, i.e. the bad habit of Chew andquickly. In spite of thehis platitudes, even this is a recommendation of the first order.The food quality has primary importance.Some substances that promote growth, like carbohydrates (bread,pasta), foodsphosphorous (lentils, peas, beans, field beans, provided in the form ofpuree), sodium chloride(cooking salt, in the form of salt baths). Other foods slow growth andbetween theseWe have already considered the use of meat and alcohol. The use ofcoffee, tea and sugarshould be moderate.Performance review phrases comments/ free download examples Pag