how to get rid of stickers & tree sap from your car

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  • How To Get Rid Of Stickers & Tree Sap From Your Car ?

  • Stickers usually dont have any special purpose except standing out of the

    ordinary crowd. It does not look good always but it will definitely reflect your

    personality and choice.

  • However you may not want them to stick on your car forever and removing stickers isnt as easy as putting them on .

  • So, here are some tips to get rid of those outdated stickers :

  • What you need ?

  • Hair dryer with hot air settings :

  • Razor blade or a box cutter:

  • Sturdy plastic card:

  • Two clean rags or detailing towels:

  • Quick detailing spray:

  • Make sure the sticker and the surrounding area are clean


  • It will be better if you will start this removal process after washing

    your car.

  • Use of the hair dryer :

    Plug in the hair dryer

    Turn the heat setting to hot

    Hold the hair dryer just a few inches above the car

  • Do not place the hair dryer directly on the sticker & the

    cars paint.

  • Keep the hair dryer over the sticker for a few seconds and make sure the air coming out is


  • Then use a plastic card to gently Scrape up under the sticker

  • Continue to push the plastic card Or razor blade until the sticker completely breaks away from the

    cars surface.

  • Once the sticker is removed, apply a few drops onto a

    detailing cloth and scrub away.

  • When that part of the car is completely clear, polish it with

    some quick detailing spray.

  • Tree Sap or drops of sticky sap can etch the car

    paints leading to discoloring and staining.

    How to remove tree sap ???

  • What You Need ??

  • Soft towel

    Cutter blade

    Sponge Spray wax

    Rubbing alcohol

  • How to do ??

  • Wash and let your vehicle to dry:

  • Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on to a

    clean wash cloth :

  • Set the cloth on top of the desired area &

    let it sit for at least 30 seconds

  • Rub the area until the sap is gone

  • When your cars paint is free of sap ,

    Spray a few drop of quick wax on the paint

  • You can also use a cutter blade to remove

    the hardened sap .

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