How to Get REAL Traffic & Sales from SEO!

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<ul><li><p>How to Get REAL Traffic &amp; Sales from SEO!To get REAL traffic from SEO you have to:</p><p>Find killer keywords using killer tools!</p><p>Then use all sorts of link building methods automated/paid and free as much as you can till you getdesired rankings (which should be #1) AND THEN continuously monitor your rankings to know ifany of those keywords rankings dropped!</p><p>If any keyword drops restart getting backlinks till they again get back lost ranking positions.</p><p>And hopefully if you found keywords with high search volume and get #1 ranks for all of them (or asclose as possible to #1) you should get lots of traffic and sales.</p><p>Recap:</p><p>Key #1 is: Finding killer keywords (high search volume with great possibility to outrank and get #1)</p><p>Key #2 is: Massive action to get massive number of links</p><p>Key #3: Monitor the keywords to know their ranking positions to know if any one lost rankings tothen recuperate.</p><p>Jack Sarlo</p></li></ul>


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