How to get pen off of vinyl wall stickers?

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  • 1. How to get pen off of vinyl wall stickers?Home & Garden >Cleaning & LaundryHome & Garden >Cleaning & Laundry?Follow privatelyUnfollowAsker's score & commentif it's truly a ball point pen, try making use of a few milk on a soft white cloth. rub gently in a circularmotion. How can I obtain the pen off with out using the actual colour out of the sticker/decals? (Isthere the way??).net (ApacheTrafficServer [cMsSf ])Member Since:Points: Points: o levelTotal Answers:Block How can easily I havethe pen off without having getting the actual colour out in the sticker/decals? (Is moreFollow publiclyMy 2 year previous just coloured most over several brand-new wall decals (vinyl wall stickers) withpen. you ought to begin to begin to determine the within around the cloth, thus transfer it to someclean spot.You could try rubbing alcohol or a damp cloth along with dish detergent about it/rinse together withclean damp cloth.

2. Unfollow?1I tried rubbing alcohol on a paper towel & in which worked rather well! (still get indents throughhow difficult she pressed, yet nearly most of the actual ink is actually gone!)How to have wall decals for kids bedrooms pen off of vinyl wall stickers? 3. ]]>Points this week:FollowUnblockHow to have pen from vinyl wall stickers?Best AnswerAsker's ChoiceMy two year old just coloured almost all over some brand new wall bird wall decal decals (vinyl wall 4. stickers) together with pen