How to Get Organised in 15 Minutes A Day

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Fast and easy ways to increase your productivity and reach your goals in just 15 minutes a day


  • 1. How to Get Organised in just 15 minutes a day
  • 2. Are you skipping these simple steps?
  • 3. 1 First five minutes: Plan your week
  • 4. A calendar only works if you use it!
  • 5. Check it every day so you can prepare for upcoming events
  • 6. Consider the events that will eat into productive time
  • 7. and plan to work around them
  • 8. Put all meetings and deadlines in so you can see them at a glance
  • 9. 2 Next five minutes: Plan your days
  • 10. Set aside days or part days for specific tasks
  • 11. Piggyback appointments to minimise drop-ins and interruptions
  • 12. Block time to work on similar tasks
  • 13. Once you have a schedule Stick To It!
  • 14. 3 Last five minutes: Plan your tasks
  • 15. Use a daily prioritised task list
  • 16. Break down larger projects into bite-size pieces
  • 17. Concentrate on a single task and do it to completion
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