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<ul><li> 1. How To Get Him To Ask You OutLH Surge and Pregnancyhttp://LHSurge.orgMandy asksHow to get this guy to talk to me/ask me out(Pics included!!) ?Okay, so Im 14 and hes 16. Hes super hot and he messaged my big sister (shes 17) onfacebook last night at like one oclock A.M asking if I had a face book because he saw a picturemy big sister posted of me and her so he must have thought I was cute. So he added me todayand I accepted, but he hasnt been online since last night when he messaged my sister aboutme. I dont know him, and he goes to a different school then me. Hes a Hollister model(According to his facebook and there are pics so I know hes not lying about it) and has about1700 facebook friends, 70 percent of them is really pretty girls, so Im wondering if he justadded me cause he likes having attractive girls on his facebook. Hes from what I can tell realllypopular and frankly a little out of my league. Ive never even had a real boyfriend before:/ Thisis what he looks like: is what I look like: . Do you think hedeven go for me? Im kinda second guessing it now. But yeah, how do I get his attention and lethim know I wanna talk to him? I dont want to message him first cause I dont even know if hesaw that I accepted his friend request yet so that would look SO desperate, but I dont knowwhat to do:( &gt;&gt; Here are some more pics for you to get a better idea of whats goin on! Him: Me:, he works there and youre so missing the point!! 1/7 </li> <li> 2. Blissful Relationship answers:You are so pretty I think that you two would make a cute couple. I suggest fb messaging him (ifhe has THAT many friends, hes bound to go online at some point!) and trying to get his number.Or try to find ways that might lead to an encounter (dont stalk him! That same out funny) bytalking to friends of yours who are close to him. Any way of interacting at this point would begood good luck!Jenny asksHow do i get over this? Im so depressed from how he treated me?A guy hit on me on the subway,and tried to get me to come home with him.I texted my close friend mike. Mike and i were across the hall this summer and for the rest of theschool year. We had been in contact for 5 months. Wed hung out since we got here. So itexted mike since i tell him everything and i said some creepy guy hit on me and tried to getme to come home with himMike answered instantly. oh no! Thats so scary! I will come and get you tonight when urorientation endsSo he came 20 min by subway and then some just to pick me up at 11 at night. It was so sweet.I told him he didnt have to but he said i had nothing to do anywayThen we hung out til like 2am watching funny youtube videos and laughing our a$$es off.Also i was sick, He was like oh no! Well im right here if u need anything! 2/7 </li> <li> 3. And we would see eachother like every second of the day and eat all our meals together andtell eachother everything. He also likes every single one of my fb statuses even ten secs afteri post them!He was also playfully flirty and remembered every little thing about me and every single thingive ever said to him. Lol.He also was just so genuinely happy for me, and when i was down he always wants to comfortme and makes me tell him whats wrong. He was like always feel free to come to me whentheres a problem. Im always here to talk to. You can come to me about anythingAnd wed text eachother all the time about where we are and what we are doing, if we are notwith eachother. Its like we are tied to eachotherWe also would go out to dinner just us frequently (pay separately tho which is no problem) andwe spent 3 hours at a bakery weeks ago just the two of us talking and looking deep intoeachothers eyes.Also once i told him i almost didnt apply to this college. He replied NO! Then i NEVER wouldhave met you! Thats sadMike was shy about this stuff. Hes never dated before.He reminds me so much of my father. I felt so compatible to him. We have same exactinterests, fave movies, tv shows, same morals and values, personality, exact sense of humor,birthdays are exactly a week apart.Mike accepted me for who i am. I felt so comfortable and secure around him. Very at ease. Icould just be myself and he loves that.Also mike and i even had said good night to eachother every single night for the past like 3months, since we would skype all the time and stuff before we came here.We were eachothers top priorityWe started making out a lot sweetly and passionately three weeks ago. We were cuddling onthe couch tonight, and he had this sexy angry look on his face and started kissing me when wewere laying down. Then after like ten min, he just grabbed me forcefully (which i was suprisedhe had that force haha) and he picked me up so i was straddling him sitting down. He had thissexy angry agressive face and kissed me really fast. I tried laying back down, but he instantlygrabbed me and pulled me back up. 5 min later i troed laying back down again, but he grabbedme up again.And we fell asleep spooning together everynight for two weeks.But he never told anyone we r dating. When they asked he gave no answer. we mutually said 3/7 </li> <li> 4. we had feelings for eachother. But he still never asked me outWhen i tried talking to him about us dating, he plays dumb! Then one night he messaged meon fb chat. I told him he was giving me mixed messages. He was confused and playeddumb.Then he instantly changed. He started making uo stuff and degrading me as a person.Saying he wanted to have feelings for a genuine nice girl, and that we had nothing incommon. I asked him why he even kissed me then 30 times. He said cuz he wanted to see ifhe had feelings but he wasnt sure.Btw we r both virginsHe blocked me on facebook and never talked to me again.Last night i found out he stayed the night at my bffs dorm Laura. (even tho he doesnt like her!)and hes said a lot of **** about me and makes fun of me . I tried to text him, but he was veryrude in a tone like what do YOU want?Blissful Relationship answers:Girl, dont get depressed over some poohead like him. Guys like him do not deserve your beingall sad. Expose him to your friend. Moreover, if he blocked on you facebook, maybe thats ahint that you should delete his number and stop texting him. There is a great chance that all ofthose in common interests you guys shared were just him lying.Throw away whatever he gave you, delete any texts and start over new.Susan asks 4/7 </li> <li> 5. He says hes not in love with her, whats your opinion and whatshould I do to get over him?Doesnt this sound like love to you? My bf (at the time who is now my ex) who lives in anotherstate met a female at a club. One day he added her to his fb page, the things she was sayingmade me believe that something was going on. I asked him and he denied her. Come to findout months later they wasnt friends on fb but I could still go to her page which was private but Icould view her main profile pic and she had posted a pic of him with his arms around her. I wasshocked, and I cried for days. I couldnt believe he lied to me about that. So that was the lasttime I been with him. It was almost 2 years ago. He is still with her. He spends every holidaywith her and take pics with her. When I was upset and said something against her he jumped toher defense quickly and I found out she has brain cancer, what person will stick around aperson who is sick if they didnt love them. He swore to God on his life that he did not love her.He said he started off for sex, then he started caring about her. Like that was suppose to makeme feel any better. He can lie all day long but what fool could believe something like that?Makes no sense for him to say that he sound sooooo stupid! Whats your opinion and Im stillin love with him, how to get over him asap?Blissful Relationship answers:Its been two years man.Get some help and move on already.Donna asks 5/7 </li> <li> 6. So confused D: Should I ask him out?I have a crush on this guy, Ive liked him for quite some time. I dont like him because he is hotor whatever, I like him and his personalty. My best friends already know I like him, because Itold them. Now more of my friends are asking me who I like. I trust them, they are my bestfriends/friends so I tell them lol. My friends are always like, aww you should ask him out, youtwo would be so cute together. I even told this one girl (I was pressured a bit lol) who I dontlike so much (she is such a drama queen -_-) and she even admitted that she could easily seeme and my crush together. The thing is, if I ask him out, I dont wanna ruin our friendship :/He doesnt know I like him yet. My friends keep trying to get me to tell him, what should I do? Ireally dont wanna make things awkward, ad idk how my parents would respond to me after Itell them that Im dating.Blissful Relationship answers:Awe v. Cute question !! Flirt with him when you can but be very suttle while flirting with him talkto your parents about how theyd feel about you in a relathionship .. Ask him questions like whoyou loving? Because you dont want to ask him out and get a no because he may be crushingon another girl ! Be sure that he has feelings for you before asking him out !!Good luck all the bestSandy asks 6/7 </li> <li> 7. How do you get over an ex boyfriend quickly? We hadnt dated all that long, maybe 10 weeks. He was standing right next to me and just started talking to me one night in the park. At first I wasnt interested in him in that way at all but as our relationship progressed, things started getting intense. I just couldnt help myself, I fell for him even though I knew better. He was 7 yrs younger than me, and still lived at home with his mother (at 30!) Even worse she was always calling him late at night and asking him when he would be home. Two weeks before we broke up, he started acting distant and weird so i finally confronted him and he said that he just wanted to be friends and continue hanging out with me but no romance because he wasnt planning on marrying me (and hes ugly!) I was so irrate because he made it sound like i was only there for his convenience. We basically never spoke again after that Blissful Relationship answers: A lot of people may act like their with over someone, but the feelings and emotions will stay for awhile. It will take time. Powered by Yahoo! Answers LH Surge and Ovulation How To Get Him To Ask You Out 7/7Powered by TCPDF ( </li> </ul>