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Converge your business into a Customer Centric Experience, Customer first is the focus strategy on Customer Intimacy. By using (big) Data, 3rd party data, connecting data for real time transparency, analyze habits, filter needs, offer solutions, increase ROI . By implementing the right technology, you create the best customer intimacy with marketing, technology and creativity. What are you waiting for?


<p>How to get great Customer Experiences</p> <p>Customer Centricity &amp; Customer Intimacy</p> <p>Customer #1</p> <p>Customer #1Delivering great customer experiences will bring you growth in </p> <p>business with marketing effectiveness and operational efficiencies.</p> <p>Digital eco-system</p> <p> Customer Centric Experiences</p> <p>Social dynamics: outside in</p> <p>Corporate dynamics: inside out</p> <p>Where is the relevancy, ROI, Centricity &amp; Intimacy?</p> <p>Objective Get a clear vision on Customer #1 </p> <p> Create a Customer #1 Strategy </p> <p> Design a Customer #1 roadmap </p> <p> Converge into Customer #1 with Technology </p> <p> Design performance insights and deliver real time dash board metrics from internal &amp; external data.</p> <p>What's the problem?Lack of insights on customer touch points, incorrect addresses for mail &amp; e-mail delivery, incomplete and outdated customer data across various business systems, lack of inbound customer contact information, lack of CRM results related to business objectives, clear marketing accountability on customer strategy, </p> <p>customer data hidden in various product and process silos..</p> <p>The Customer focus..</p> <p>Customers ExpectsThat they are recognized as a customer, with: </p> <p> Great customer service </p> <p> Appreciation for loyalty </p> <p> An interactive self-supporting myservice-portal </p> <p> a real time Customer Centric Experience.</p> <p>Customer IntimacyOrganizing personal communications. E.g.: </p> <p> Attention is awareness to moments that matter </p> <p> Intimacy is recognizing needs without asking </p> <p> Contact is "connected" communication </p> <p> Sharing stories socially, sales without selling </p> <p> Opt-in for brands with services &amp; engagement</p> <p>Customer CentricityOrganizing service processes around customers. E.g. </p> <p> Real time Relevancy internally and for the customer </p> <p> Delivering Digital (big) Data - omnichannel </p> <p> Content Curation - Cross Channel </p> <p> Conversation Interaction, Iterative Improvements </p> <p> Fusion of corporate CRM with social CRM </p> <p> Mass one-to-one customer experience by analytics and modelling of hard &amp; soft data</p> <p>Then Customers ..</p> <p>Become Fans, Promotors, Advocates because: </p> <p>1. Experienced services meet expectation </p> <p>2. Relevant interaction solve latent needs </p> <p>3. Rewards are given for loyalty &amp; NPS</p> <p>Converge to C#1 Connecting Business, Marketing, Communication, Finance systems </p> <p>and software services digitally. </p> <p> Integration of CRM sources: own, social, channels, touch points. </p> <p> Fusing 3rd party behavioral data, with lead generation and own CRM data. </p> <p> Dashboard with real time insights, management information and to-do's fo different users across the company. </p> <p> Data &amp; Technology delivers great customer satisfaction. </p> <p> Investments needed for C#1 will result in sustainable business growth.</p> <p>Recipy for +EBITABusiness Case - using data to deliver C#1 by merging data, relevancy and optimizing the maketing of moments with data insights: </p> <p>1. Integrate company data for the best basic customer records. </p> <p>2. Analyze real time digital behavior, focus on #interests, location, connections. </p> <p>3. Mix with brand story activation, lead generation &amp; moments.</p> <p>How to get Customer #1</p> <p> You need to have a Clear Vision </p> <p> A Customer Strategy </p> <p> Technology in place </p> <p> Use real time data &amp; complete analytics</p> <p>Client Roadmap</p> <p>Part 1 - Getting a clear vision: </p> <p>1. Inspiration session </p> <p>2. Strategic review safari </p> <p>3. Customer Value Proposition Plan </p> <p>Client Roadmap</p> <p>Part 2 - a Customer Strategy </p> <p> Excellent Service, 1:1, Intimate Attention </p> <p> Excellent Service, 1:many, Best Products </p> <p> Excellent Service, mass:mass, Best Offering</p> <p>Client RoadmapPart 3 - Technology in place </p> <p> Depending on the vision &amp; customer strategy </p> <p> Focus first on Excellent Service technology providers: </p> <p> Service on CRM &amp; customer interaction </p> <p> Service on ERP &amp; Operation Excellence </p> <p> Service on Social Media, Responsiveness, Reputation </p> <p> Asign business partners for service excellence &amp; time to market.</p> <p>Client RoadmapPart 4 - Real time data </p> <p> Integrate &amp; analyse data </p> <p> Merge and interpret analytics </p> <p> Identify insights, targets &amp; expectated results </p> <p> Monitor costs, results, effectiveness </p> <p> Organize real time relevancy &amp; display internally</p> <p>Guidance </p> <p>The roadmap is a journey in Business Transformation, to turn your company into a transparent service provider </p> <p>delivering great customer experiences. </p> <p>Let me guide you in this process to Customer # 1, to bring you growth in business with marketing effectiveness and operational efficiencies.</p> <p> </p> <p>+31 6 50243993 @athalieStegeman LinkedIn: AthalieS</p>