How to get a raise

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10 ways to get noticed at work.


  • 1. How to get a raise 10 steps to getting noticed

2. 1 Stop viewing your job as a task and start viewing it as a responsibility. 3. 2 Always tackle the difficult things first while you still Have the energy to do things well. 4. 3 Endeavor to know more about what you do than your boss. 5. 4 If youre in management, delegate yourself out of your position by empowering subordinates. 6. 5 Be a resource to everyone above you. 7. 6 Never use downtime to your advantage, use it to benefit your company. 8. 7 Think loyal not obligation. 9. 8 Be creative and consistent. 10. 9 Never whine. 11. 10 Establish yourself as an expert. 12. Work is like a play; if you dont know your lines, it becomes increasingly difficult to act. 13. The Behavioral Resource Group.