how to get 10,000 youtube subscribers for free

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  • How To Get 10,000YouTube Subscribers

    For Free

    Herman Drost

  • How To Get 10,000 YouTube Subscribers For Free

    First of all I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all those people thatsubscribed to my YouTube channel. If youre one of them I greatlyappreciate all your support.

    Since I recently reached 10,000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel Ithought Id give you 7 ways how I achieved that goal. Keep in mind it didnthappen overnight. It came about as a result of many hours of hard workcreating, uploading and promoting new videos.

    Here are the Top 7 Free Ways To Get 10,000 Subscribers On YouTube

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    1. Create video content that people want to watch Since most of my videos are on YouTube marketing my main focus has been how to create a profitable YouTube Channel.

    2. Create a content calendar Its di cult to come up with new content every week especially if you try towing it. Instead plan out your video content several days or weeks at a timeso youll be ready to go when it its time to shoot the video. I usually writea script for each video to keep the content organized.

    3. Create videos around keywords people are searching on. People are constantly searching for answers to their questions on Googleand YouTube. If searches nd your video on the rst page of Google orYouTube youll receive a constant stream of free tra c. Some of that tra cwill convert into new subscribers.

    How To Get 10,000 YouTube Subscribers For Free

  • How To Get 10,000 YouTube Subscribers For Free

    4. Make it easy for viewers to subscribe Add a subscribe watermark across all the videos on your channel so ifsomebody nds one of your videos it will be easy for them to subscribe. Tomake it easy for them to subscribe use annotations, info cards, end cardsand even ask them to subscribe in your video.

    5. Find out where your audience hangs out online Search forums, facebook groups, google plus communities and othersocial media properties where your audience hangs out online and interactwith them. Often times you can include a link to your video if it helpsanswer their questions.

    6. Engage with your audience When someone asks a question in the comments of one of your videos doyour best to reply to them. If they dont receive a response within 24 hoursthey may lose interest and go elsewhere. Interacting with your subscribershelps them to become fans of your content and theyll even share it withtheir friends.

    7. Be consistent Choose a schedule you can stick to so your subscribers will know when toexpect new video content. YouTube will also reward your channel if youreuploading videos consistently. For example I try to create and upload 2 newvideos every week.

    Thats it!Now you know the top 7 free ways to get 10,000 subscriberson your YouTube channel.

    How To Get 10,000 YouTube Subscribers For Free

  • How To Get 10,000 YouTube Subscribers For Free

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    How To Get 10,000 YouTube Subscribers For Free