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This short presentation is a demo on how to effectively teach vocabulary to students to increase reading comprehension.


  • 1. Dr. Genola JohnsonGeorgia Educational Learning Center,

2. Written and learned through academiccontent; abstract Cake words: (genetics, inherited, chromosomes,traits) Icing words: (ability, behavior, learned) 3. One time approachLow vocabulary knowledgeLow background knowledgeLimited no texts within the home 4. Language proficiency grows from oralcompetencyLanguage proficiency is the foundation ofwhat we hear, read, say and write 5. Decode this passageRoterubrac takes sag in to the ginene forit to gtingi the fule to power the rac. 6. Passage Decoded:Carburetor takes gas in to the engine for itto ignite the fuel to power the car. 7. 3 tiers to explicit vocabulary instruction Tier 1: Basic words, i.e. house, school, people, run Tier 2: Academic words, i.e. synthesis, evaluate,discuss, characterize, analyze Tier 3: Content area words, i.e genetics,chromosomes, genotype, hybrid, meiosisContent area teachers teach tier 2 words to helpstudents work with the tier 3 content area words 8. There is NO one strategyDifferent kinds of words require differentapproaches 9. Words are known through connectionsSpongeSpongeSponge 10. Word learning happens incrementallyMultiple exposuresEncourage studentsWords should be introduced 11. Helps students What the word is What the word is like Examples of the wordHelp students integrate personalexperiencesHelp students focus on concepts 12. Frayer ModelIntroduce the word, discuss, ask students to define in own words, studentexamples, student non-examples 13. Graphic OrganizersThey are kinesthetic and colorfulIntroduce the different typesTeachers should modelUse the foldable with a particular task3D interactive graphic organizers 14. SpongeSpongeSponge 15. Use mnemonics to boost vocabulary;students make their ownKeepItSoSimple(KISS) 16. Cross word puzzlesWord finds 17. Allow students to work with words in: Discussions Writing activities 18. Visit: To Teach Vocabulary by: Dr. Genola Johnson You may also visit Dr. Johnsons blog at