How to do Your Social Media in 30 Minutes per Day

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In this FREE 1 hour webinar, Social Media and Digital Marketing evangelist, Warren Knight will share with you "HOW YOU CAN DO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR JUST 30 MINUTES A DAY TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS" Discover: * The latest tools to SAVE time * Best platforms to drive TRAFFIC * HOW TO design a 12 month marketing plan * Increase SALES by 500% Is it really possible to establish and maintain a social media presence in the same amount of time it takes to mow the lawn or catch up on an episode of Game of Thrones or House of cards? Why, yes. Yes it is. * Facebook * Twitter * Pinterest * Instagram * LinkedIn ...are the important social media platforms to any small business and solopreneurs and while its easy to get sucked into any of them for hours at a stretch, you can manage them in much less time with some planning and the right social media management tools. While we know that some people will wonder if 30 minutes a day is really giving enough attention to social media and the answer is it absolutely depends on your business but these tips during this 1 hour webinar, will definitely help you get started! We will show you how to make the most of every minute you're logged into each social network, by leveraging social channels for lead generation to increase sales for business growth. * Grow your followers * Lead generation * Get sales * Build brand advocates * Define your business KPI's About the presenter: Warren Knight Speaker / Trainer / Growth Coach / Entrepreneur For the last seven years he's specialised in helping business owners, marketing managers and entrepreneurs sell more products and services, through the convergence of Social Media, Digital Marketing and eCommerce. Winning various industry awards and co-founding two IT companies since 2010. The first being an eCommerce platform, getting 150,000 Seed Investment via "SEIS", valuing the business at 1M in less than two years. The second with a Start Up Loan, building an online learning platform.


  • 1.Its 1989 Warren Knight Think #Digital First Twitter @wvrknight Brand Social Media 30 Minutes a Day

2. Business Growth Warren Knight Tweet me @wvrknight 7 Storytelling Storytelling Storytelling If you cant tell it, you cant sell it 3. Preparation 4. Research 5. Beautiul Images in minutes 6. Competitions Facebook - Pinterest Instagram - Twitter 7. Whats Pinteresting? 50% though Mobile 6th August 1991 Web 1.0 1993 Web 2.0 2001 8. VIRALWOOT Schedule, Search, Promote, Analyse 9. E-mail your followers Remember to remove the @....... 10. Twitter Whats New? 11. Pin to top Pin your most re-tweeted message to the top 12. GifMaker Make Gifs for Twitter 13. Hootsuite Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google+ 14. Snapseed, #Hastags, Captions The perfect Post 15. IconOSquare Manage from your Desktop 16. TagBoard Find your target Audience #Hastags 17. SceduGram Schedule your Images 18. Define the Communication 19. 7 Day Strategy 20. Social Media Analytics 21. 30 Minutes a day 1. 60 minutes preparation for seven days content 2. Each day spend 3 min at 9am, 1pm, 6pm to scan & reply 3. Each day spend 2 minutes to RT key relevant information 4. 5 Minutes to follow 5 new people 5. Analyse the Success for 5 mins Thats about 9 minutes per day Thats 9 minutes Thats 2 minutes Thats 5 minutes Thats 5 more minutes 22. Bootcamp Warren Knight Investment Business Growth Funding Planning & Development Management Leadership Grants: Innovation Personal Branding Growth Vouchers London Spokesperson Growth Accelerator Certied Coach 23. Tweet me @wvrknight Warren Knight Growth Coach Speaker Trainer Author @wvrknight