How To Create Your Own Online Store Without Graphic Designer

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What if you have a great business idea and you need to open an online store in 1 day? You dont have HTML or graphic design knowledge. You dont want to spend hundreds or thousands dollars to a graphic designer. Here is solution to create your own online store without technical skills.


How To Create Your Own Online Store Without Graphic DesignerDo you want to create your own online store to enhance you business or boost up your regular sales? But you are not sure where to start or how to create your online store webpage. Most people get scared off when it comes to creating an online store. They think technical skills are necessary to create an online store.

Creating an online store is made easier with 24homeshop

Developing your own online store is easier than you have ever thought. An online store can be easily created to sell any products or service. Whether youre running a big organization, small business, or have your home based business, you can create your own online store now without a paying thousand of dollars to graphic designer.

How to design your own professional online store without HTML

You can start learning HTML and graphic designer. If you are a fast learner, it might take 6 months to create a professional looking website.

Some website hosting companies and website designing companies have online tools to create your own webpage. It takes several days to 3 weeks to create professional online store.

Few websites have options to drag and drop editing features. Initially you have to choose the website title and provide the basic information required to create a website.

What if you have a great business idea and you want to start your online business immediately? Now, you can create a website within 1 day at 24homeshop.

Why you should focus on marketing strategies

Any successful online business needs planning. To be successful in your online business, you have to apply the same set of marketing rules as for brick and mortar business. When a retailer wants to sell products, building an online store is essential to gain more customers and keep them coming back.

Whether your business is sports related, selling vegetables, electronic gadgets, etc, you need to create your own online store with a user-friendly navigation. Products alone do not form a successful online store. For example, a mall or a supermarket displays products in shelves in such an organized way that draws the attention of the customers. This same marketing principle applies to an online shop where items are displayed for online customers. Online store must be created in a nice layout with a to attract the attention of the customers.

When you are designing the website, you will get the feeling of how your website looks and you can easily fix the images and photographs in the right place. As a shop owner you can alone know where the products should be displayed. You can get the complete satisfaction by creating the own online store all by yourself.

Most common mistakes from web designers that kills your business

Do not post images or photographs with higher file size as they can consume more time while loading and can lead to lose of 93% potential customers.

Avoid using duplicate content in your website, because Google and other major search engines will penalize your website.

You should add quality unique content to your online web store to make search engines to find your online store easily. Also choose unique themes that make your website stand out in the crowd.

You can easily create your online store without a professional or a graphic designer at 24 home shop.

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