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<p>How To Create Winning Ads On FacebookPearl OmotoyinboDirector, MarketingThe iVEN Team</p> <p>By The End of This Presentation, You Will Learn: </p> <p>Three Elements To Creating Successful Facebook AdsThe Right Strategy To Get Potential Clients To Respond To Your Ads4 Elements of a Winning AdThe Secret To Keeping Your Business In your Client's Mind 24/7</p> <p>Why Facebook?</p> <p>1.86 Billion Monthly Active Users</p> <p>Intuitive Advertising PlatformKiller Targeting options</p> <p>Own platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp.</p> <p>2 Things</p> <p>Facebook Advertising Is An InvestmentDont Run Away from it but focus on getting a positive ROI</p> <p>You need to know how to do it right. Must Have The Winning Formula.</p> <p>I am Pearl Omotoyinbo.Director, Marketing at The iVEN TeamI am a Facebook Advertising Expert.You can find me at @miss_pearlie</p> <p>Why Should You Listen To Me?My Results</p> <p>3,000+ Visits to Website for $75</p> <p>5,000+ Visits to Website for $135&amp;11,000+ Visits to Website for $130</p> <p>Spent: $128Income: $947</p> <p>Spent: $175Income: $1,610</p> <p>Bottom Line, I Know What Works!</p> <p>3 Elements Of A Successful Facebook Ad </p> <p>Winning Ad FormulaSuccessful Facebook Ad </p> <p>StrategyTactOffer</p> <p>Offer</p> <p>You must have a converting Offer i.e. something people want and are willing to pay for </p> <p>Strategy </p> <p>3-Step StrategyBuy-InAwarenessConversion</p> <p>AWARENESSIntroduce them to you, your brand, products and services.</p> <p>BUY-INGet Them To Know, Like &amp; Trust You.Get Them to Identify Themselves As Potential Clients</p> <p>CONVERSIONAsk them to buy something.</p> <p>Tact</p> <p>T-A-C-TTargetAd CopyCreativeTrack</p> <p>Target</p> <p>Who Are You Targeting?</p> <p>TargetPeople/Personalities/Organisations They FollowMagazines/Books They ReadWebsites They Go ToTV Shows They WatchTheir Occupation</p> <p>Ad Copy</p> <p>What Are You Saying To Them?</p> <p>Ad CopyLong or Short CopyCall out to your audience...It is Social Media Be ConversationalCall To Action</p> <p>Text: Call Out To Your AudienceCreative: Image/Video/Slideshow etcHeadline: What They GetCall-to-Action ButtonDisplay URL</p> <p>Creative</p> <p>What Are You Using To Grab Their Attention?</p> <p>CreativeVideoImageSlideshowInfographicGifBOTTOM LINE: It must be congruent!Aim Catch Their Attention</p> <p>Track</p> <p>What Is Working? What Is Not?</p> <p>TrackFacebook Pixels</p> <p>TrackFacebook PixelsTrack Actions People Take (Click, Visit Sites, Watch Videos, Buy)Follow them up</p> <p>TrackFacebook PixelsStep 1: Install it on your websiteStep 2: Create events (Actions you want to track)Step 3: Optimise for Specific conversions</p> <p>Winning Ad FormulaSuccessful Facebook Ad </p> <p>StrategyTactOffer</p> <p>Different Types of AdsSend Traffic To Your WebsiteLeadsConversions (Leads, Sales, Etc)Video ViewsApp InstallsStore VisitsProduct Catalog Sales</p> <p>Let Your Goal Guide You!</p> <p>Who This Is For...</p> <p>Business OwnerAn AgencyEntrepreneurMarketing ExecutiveSales ProfessionalSocial Media Manager/Consultant</p> <p>If You Are A:</p> <p>If you are interested in showcasing your products and services to more people! </p> <p>If you are interested in making more sales and getting a positive ROI on your social media marketing efforts</p> <p>...This is for you</p> <p>What is it?</p> <p>4 Week Facebook Ads Intensive Class</p> <p>Facebook Ads Masterclass</p> <p>What You GetWeek 1: Facebook Marketing StrategyWeek 2: Applying T-A-C-TWeek 3: Creating AdsWeek 4: Facebook Pixels &amp; Retargeting</p> <p>BonusPrivate Facebook GroupWeekly Q&amp; A on Facebook Ads</p> <p>You Pay:3 x $77 OR 3 x N29,997</p> <p>Save 20% and pay one-time fee:ime fee of:$197 OR N74,997</p> <p>Thats Not All...</p> <p>More BonusesUltimate Facebook Fanpage Makeover Checklist Social Media Daily Activity Guide </p> <p>All You Get</p> <p>Week 1: Facebook Marketing StrategyWeek 2: Applying T-A-C-TWeek 3: Creating AdsWeek 4: Facebook Pixels &amp; RetargetingBonus 1: Ultimate Facebook Fanpage Makeover Checklist Bonus 2: Social Media Daily Activity GuideBonus 3: Weekly Q&amp;A SessionBonus 4: Private Facebook GroupBonus 3: Weekly Q&amp;A SessionsBonus 4: Private Facebook Group</p> <p>3 X $77 OR 3 X N29,997Offer expires in 48 hours!!!in 48 hours </p> <p>$197 ONLYOR N74,997Offer expires in 48 hours!!! Offer expires in 48 hours </p>