How To Create Winning Ads On Facebook

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How To Create Winning Ads On FacebookPearl OmotoyinboDirector, MarketingThe iVEN Team

By The End of This Presentation, You Will Learn:

Three Elements To Creating Successful Facebook AdsThe Right Strategy To Get Potential Clients To Respond To Your Ads4 Elements of a Winning AdThe Secret To Keeping Your Business In your Client's Mind 24/7

Why Facebook?

1.86 Billion Monthly Active Users

Intuitive Advertising PlatformKiller Targeting options

Own platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp.

2 Things

Facebook Advertising Is An InvestmentDont Run Away from it but focus on getting a positive ROI

You need to know how to do it right. Must Have The Winning Formula.

I am Pearl Omotoyinbo.Director, Marketing at The iVEN TeamI am a Facebook Advertising Expert.You can find me at @miss_pearlie

Why Should You Listen To Me?My Results

3,000+ Visits to Website for $75

5,000+ Visits to Website for $135&11,000+ Visits to Website for $130

Spent: $128Income: $947

Spent: $175Income: $1,610

Bottom Line, I Know What Works!

3 Elements Of A Successful Facebook Ad

Winning Ad FormulaSuccessful Facebook Ad



You must have a converting Offer i.e. something people want and are willing to pay for


3-Step StrategyBuy-InAwarenessConversion

AWARENESSIntroduce them to you, your brand, products and services.

BUY-INGet Them To Know, Like & Trust You.Get Them to Identify Themselves As Potential Clients

CONVERSIONAsk them to buy something.


T-A-C-TTargetAd CopyCreativeTrack


Who Are You Targeting?

TargetPeople/Personalities/Organisations They FollowMagazines/Books They ReadWebsites They Go ToTV Shows They WatchTheir Occupation

Ad Copy

What Are You Saying To Them?

Ad CopyLong or Short CopyCall out to your audience...It is Social Media Be ConversationalCall To Action

Text: Call Out To Your AudienceCreative: Image/Video/Slideshow etcHeadline: What They GetCall-to-Action ButtonDisplay URL


What Are You Using To Grab Their Attention?

CreativeVideoImageSlideshowInfographicGifBOTTOM LINE: It must be congruent!Aim Catch Their Attention


What Is Working? What Is Not?

TrackFacebook Pixels

TrackFacebook PixelsTrack Actions People Take (Click, Visit Sites, Watch Videos, Buy)Follow them up

TrackFacebook PixelsStep 1: Install it on your websiteStep 2: Create events (Actions you want to track)Step 3: Optimise for Specific conversions

Winning Ad FormulaSuccessful Facebook Ad


Different Types of AdsSend Traffic To Your WebsiteLeadsConversions (Leads, Sales, Etc)Video ViewsApp InstallsStore VisitsProduct Catalog Sales

Let Your Goal Guide You!

Who This Is For...

Business OwnerAn AgencyEntrepreneurMarketing ExecutiveSales ProfessionalSocial Media Manager/Consultant

If You Are A:

If you are interested in showcasing your products and services to more people!

If you are interested in making more sales and getting a positive ROI on your social media marketing efforts

...This is for you

What is it?

4 Week Facebook Ads Intensive Class

Facebook Ads Masterclass

What You GetWeek 1: Facebook Marketing StrategyWeek 2: Applying T-A-C-TWeek 3: Creating AdsWeek 4: Facebook Pixels & Retargeting

BonusPrivate Facebook GroupWeekly Q& A on Facebook Ads

You Pay:3 x $77 OR 3 x N29,997

Save 20% and pay one-time fee:ime fee of:$197 OR N74,997

Thats Not All...

More BonusesUltimate Facebook Fanpage Makeover Checklist Social Media Daily Activity Guide

All You Get

Week 1: Facebook Marketing StrategyWeek 2: Applying T-A-C-TWeek 3: Creating AdsWeek 4: Facebook Pixels & RetargetingBonus 1: Ultimate Facebook Fanpage Makeover Checklist Bonus 2: Social Media Daily Activity GuideBonus 3: Weekly Q&A SessionBonus 4: Private Facebook GroupBonus 3: Weekly Q&A SessionsBonus 4: Private Facebook Group

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