How to create mobile first customer experiences?

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WITH THE INCREASING ATTENTION GARNERED BY THIS PLATFORM, IT IS MOVING AT A RAPID PACETO BECOME THE MOST SIGNIFICANTCUSTOMER TOUCHPOINT FOR BUSINESSES. THE MOBILE LANDSCAPE IS EXPANDING TO INCORPORATE NEXT-GEN TECHNOLOGIES LIKE NFC AND BEACONS.CONSUMERS MOVING FAST TOWARDS AMOBILE - FIRST WORLDAccounts for 60%56%1 IN 4of the total TIME SPENT by USERS on DIGITAL MEDIAof all ONLINE PURCHASES happens via the MOBILEPLATFORM (as of Nov 2014)of all time spent on U.S. ONLINE RETAIL stores, occurs viaa MOBILE DEVICE33%of consumers use MOBILEEXCLUSIVELY for theironline needsof consumers consider mobile as the MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCEin theBBUYING-DECISION PROCESSMobile TRANSACTION VALUES DOUBLED in 2014 compared to the previous year, reaching More than of the TOP 100 RETAILERS are already exploring and strategizing around IN-STORE BEACONS to enhance the shopping experience for their customersTwitter recently invested in SWIRL NETWORKS, a beacon based marketing company HOWEVER, EVEN AFTER REALIZING THE CHANNELS SIGNIFICANCE, A MAJORITY OF COMPANIES SEEM TO FALL SHORT ON PREPAREDNESS AND GET CAUGHT UP IN AMBIGUITY. The TRAVEL INDUSTRY is going paperless with CONTACTLESS BOARDING PASSES VIA MOBILE DEVICES, which is estimated to estimated to account for more than boarding passes by 2019 ABI Research estimates that over the next 5 years the IBEACON HARDWARE MARKET will ggrow to approximately Million units50%33%60 $18 MILLIONNumber of contactless transactions will surge to annually, by 2018 10 BILLION$3.5 BILLION50%More thanBUSINESSES ARE KEEPING PACE: EXPLORING ADVANCED MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES WHY AND HOW TO CREATEMOBILE - FIRSTCUSTOMER EXPERIENCESENDEAVOURMOBILE. CLOUD. ANALYTICSENDEAVOURTMTHE KEY HINDRANCES: LACK OF PREPARATION AND A SELF-CONTAINED APPROACHONLY 16% of companies strongly agree that they are COMPLETELY PREPARED to meet customers mobile needs of digitally focused companies have a MOBILE CENTER (mCoE), but of them have a fullyonlyINTEGRATED MOBILE STRATEGY63% 17% IMPACT ON CONSUMERSconsumers HOP BETWEEN CHANNELS to accomplish goals, with an average of3 SCREENS/DAY90%SEARCH-DRIVEN PURCHASES occurred on the mobile device in 2014ONLY16%THE SOLUTION - 4 STEPS TO CREATE MOBILE FIRST EXPERIENCESof marketers dont have clearly definedmobile objectivesAccording to a Forrester study, 57%Measure and Optimize: Clearly defined response and outcomes for each step, linked to business business goals and KPIsconsumers abandoncarts and exit apps due to a poor shopping experience51% Re-Imagine the Mobile-First Customer Journey-Creating experiences aligned with customer personas and dataand data, at each stage of the journey marketers dont understand their customers mobile behaviorof todays Mapping the Mobile Customer Customer Journey-Motivations, Engagement Patterns and Expectations to understand underperforming digital touch points - a mere 25% of companies have completely mapped their customer journey 43%STEP 1 STEP 2STEP 3STEP 4of executives saw their digital business units and IT working in conjunction, and only 30% believed marketing and digital business units had ggood relationsFostering greater alignmentbetween mobile, customer experience and digital teams,with consistent communication communication of customer findings and key business outcomes with a Mobile-First Approach.According to a Forrester Study,only25%Mobile is today the breeding ground for customer experience innovation, providing ample opportunities for businesses to meet as well as exceed customer expectations. With this step by step approach, they can leverage the power of a mobile-first approach, to make a mark for themselves.Sources: Altimeter Group-Mobile Only Customer Experience Study, Forrester, Juniper Research, ABI ResearchEndeavour Software Technologies has been on the cutting-edge of delivering Enterprise Digital Transformation solutions to Fortune 500 companies and SMEs spread globally, since 2002. Endeavour specializes in Mobile, Cloud Enablement and Data Analytics. Our team of 600+ experts helps organizations embrace disruptive technologies, arming them with bespoke solutions that augment their business capabilities.MOBILE - COMING OF AGECopyright 2015 Endeavour Software Technologies Inc. www.techendeavour.comTHIS RESULTS IN HUGE GAPS BETWEEN THE CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS AND THE EXPERIENCE DELIVERED. HERES A LOOK AT HOW BUSINESSES CAN DELIVER MOBILE-FIRST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES.