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How to create handouts using the features of Powerpoint.



An effective handout has the following characteristics:

Suitability, i.e., it matches your goals and intentions as well as those of your

audience. It reflects the structure of your talk and stresses your key points.

Localization, i.e., it has been created with the specific presentation and

audience in mind. It bears details of the date, time and place of your talk.

Motivation, i.e., it is provided to enhance the presentation experience. It is

provided to increase engagement and facilitate comprehension.

Relevance, i.e., it is an extension of the content of your talk. It may include

additional points and detailed information that time constraints did not allow

you to include in the presentation.

Accessibility, i.e., it is easy to follow. It does not distract you from the

presentation. It allows you to keep notes if you so wish.

Participation, i.e., it allows members of your audience, either individually or

in groups, to discuss, comment or make suggestions about what has been


There are two ways you can create handouts straight from your presentation software: You

can print handouts straight from POERPOINT (basically a copy of your slides - adjusting the

number of slides per A4 page) or you can send your presentation to WORD in a number of

different layouts.

These are: Slides and Notes, Slides and Blank lines - either next or below each slide, or

simply an Outline of your presentation. Notes refer to the information you have typed

below each slide. They are usually a reminder to yourself of the points you would like to

make orally or would not want to present visually. Blank lines are there, if you so wish, to

help the participants keep notes themselves.

For instance, you may want your audience to discuss the points on a particular slide and

order them according to importance. The slide with all the necessary information as well as

the instructions for this activity in Notes can be placed in one handout.

The added benefit of sending your presentation to WORD is that you can save the file and

later add, delete or change the content as you see fit depending on the audience and the

occasion. For example, you can add a thank you note to your audience; add contact

information, additional references, insert a header or footer with the title of your talk, etc.

Most importantly, when you chose to send your presentation to WORD, you have the

possibility to create a link so that the handout document is updated every time you change

your presentation. It is also a useful way to include additional content about your

presentation for those who have not been able to attend. Or an invaluable way to create

killer handouts!

George Drivas, 13/06/2014